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New year, new you: a time for transformation

It’s a new year. A time for resolving, reflecting and improving. Are you the New Year’s resolution type? Or maybe you prefer to set a few goals to achieve at the turn of each year?

According to Statista, the top New Year’s resolutions in the U.S. for 2018 are:

  1. Eat healthier
  2. Get more exercise
  3. Save more money
  4. Focus on self-care
  5. Read more
  6. Make new friends
  7. Learn a new skill
  8. Get a new job
  9. Take up a new hobby

While these resolutions vary in substance, we see one clear thread running through them: transformation. Whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual, Americans are aiming for self-improvement in 2018. Transforming oneself for the better seems like a great place to start.

Straightening and brightening your smile can bring transformation, too, and it’s much more than cosmetic. Improving your smile can boost your confidence and make you smile more. And studies show that smiling improves your mood, reduces stress, and makes you appear more likeable and courteous. Plus, according to research by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, beautiful smiles make people appear more intelligent and successful, too.

Pair that with the fact that some SmileDirectClub customers lose weight and quit bad habits (like smoking) during their invisible aligner treatment, and it turns out straightening your teeth might actually help you check more than one resolution off your list!

Is 2018 your year for transformation? Take the first step toward getting the straighter smile you want by ordering an at-home impression kit or booking a scan in one of our 40+ SmileShops!

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