Nashville’s More at Midday Shares “How to Get a Perfect Smile on Your Own Time”

Nashville’s Dr. Robert Sims, has been an orthodontist in private practice for 22 years. On March 16, he took time out from his busy schedule and invited the news team from NBC affiliate WSMV-TV’s popular More at Midday program to his office to share his first-hand experience as a SmileDirectClub Endorsed Local Provider (ELP).

Dr. Sims clearly outlines how the at-home invisible aligner treatment works, when and for whom it is appropriate, and his personal involvement and oversight in every step of the process. A respected and caring professional, the doctor clearly cares about his patients and the quality of the treatment they receive both in his office and remotely as he reviews each case he receives for approval.

“I have integrated SmileDirectClub’s invisible aligners into my practice and have reviewed cases for the parents of some of my adolescent patients,” said Dr. Sims.

When are at-home invisible aligners a good choice?

  • SmileDirectClub invisible aligner treatment is a “convenient and low-cost good choice for people who are dentally healthy and need some limited orthodontia.”
  • As an orthodontist, I support the requirement that when a patient uses invisible aligners at home, they must see a dentist for a cleaning every 6 months to ensure healthy periodontia: gums, bones and connecting tissue that support the tooth.
  • I appreciate that it’s affordable and makes teeth straightening available to many more people. Depending on the number of invisible aligners and time needed, it’s a fraction of what orthodontists charge for in-patient treatment.
  • Ease: The SmileDirectClub invisible aligner treatment is done in the patient’s own time, usually with no office visits. I am here, in person, for patients who have more complicated issues and enjoy providing the necessary review and oversight remotely for those with limited issues.
  • Budget: After evaluation, the patient can review the recommended invisible aligners and cost and make a choice. If they want to make modifications, they submit that request to SmileDirectClub. “I (or another endorsed local provider) then review that request and if approved, the cost is modified.”

How are dentists included in SmileDirectClub plans?

  • I like that, from the start, the patient is very involved in the process. They complete an online assessment at Then an impression kit is shipped to them.
  • The patient can then do their own impressions or visit a SmileShop for a free 3D scan.
  • A licensed dentist or orthodontist, like myself, is notified by email that there is a case to review. I study the paperwork, photos, and digital scan and decide if the case is appropriate for the invisible aligner system. I either approve or let SmileDirectClub know the patient would be better served with in-office orthodontic treatment.

Ready to get started on your smile journey? See if you’re a candidate for invisible aligners.

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