Mythbuster: SmileDirectClub is less expensive, so their aligners must be lower quality

If the price is low, the quality must be low, too. And we’ve heard that rumor about SmileDirectClub’s aligners, which is half the cost of Invisalign and traditional braces.1

Simply put, this myth is not true. SmileDirectClub aligners cost less because of our business model, which allows us to provide aligners at a lower price point without skimping on quality. SmileDirectClub sells affordable aligners because we want to make straight teeth accessible to all. We’re on a mission to democratize access to care.

Here’s how SmileDirectClub makes top-quality aligners at a fraction of the cost: First, instead of selling aligners to your dentist or orthodontist ­– who can mark them up and sell them to you at a profit ­– SmileDirectClub sells the aligners directly to you. By sending the aligners to you all at once, in one shipment, we pass even more cost savings on to you.

Second, we make and package our aligners in-house. Thanks to innovations in 3D printing, we are able to make many custom aligners at once. This means we can make them more efficiently, thus reducing cost.

So, ignore any rumors. SmileDirectClub is a high-quality way to straighten your teeth that’s also more affordable.

1 “Half the cost of braces or Invisalign” claim based on Single Pay vs. avg. fees (incl. diagnostics and exams) for braces and Invisalign treatment, as reported in nat’l surveys of dentists and orthodontists. Comparison does not include added costs, such as retainers, and is limited to mild-to-moderate teeth correction, as braces and Invisalign may treat additional issues.


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