Mythbuster: Does SmileDirectClub move teeth too fast? Nope! Gentle and safe is how we roll

SmileDirectClub members often see a difference in their teeth in as little as 90 days1 after starting their custom aligner treatment plan. Because of that, people might think the treatment moves teeth too fast. This is false, and here’s why.

How long does SmileDirectClub take to straighten teeth?

A dentist or orthodontist licensed in your area will prescribe a treatment plan just for you. That doctor will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your treatment plan is safe and effective.

Everyone’s treatment plan is different and tailored to their specific situation, but most Club members will see their teeth straightened in as little as 4–6 months.2

How does SmileDirectClub move teeth?

When you first begin, you’ll receive a package with all the aligners you need for your treatment. You will use a new aligner as directed as your treatment progresses. Our aligners are designed to move your teeth gently, safely, and comfortably into their final position.

Our Comfort SenseTM technology includes a proprietary aligner progression plan that takes you from soft to medium to firm plastic aligners each month. This system means you’ll experience less discomfort and your teeth – including molars – will not move too fast, even if your smile starts improving quickly!

SmileDirectClub is here for you 24/7

Your smile is important to us, so reach out to our dental team with any questions or concerns. We’re here to make your Smile JourneyTM the best it can be.

Now that’s something to smile about!


1“As little as 90 days” claim is based on survey results with customers who were in treatment with SmileDirectClub 22-hour-wear clear aligners where 98% said they saw movement within the first 90 days.

2Typical SmileDirectClub treatment plans are 4–6 months. See for details. Results may vary.

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