Mythbuster: Does SmileDirectClub look at your teeth before approving you? You bet we do.

Rumor has it that SmileDirectClub doesn’t even look at your teeth before approving you for aligners. Which is not the truth.

SmileDirectClub provides a telehealth platform, which means that you are connected to your treating doctor virtually instead of in person.

“I assure you that your teeth are looked at before you are approved for treatment,” says Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, Chief Clinical Officer at SmileDirectClub. SmileDirectClub’s online telehealth platform allows your treating doctor to look at all necessary information to approve you for treatment.

Your doctor will review a 3D image of your teeth, photographs of your smile, and your health and medical information, as well as the results you hope to get from your treatment. If your doctor needs any additional information, they may ask for clearance from your local dentist before prescribing aligner treatment.

“We have a rigorous process that we take very seriously to ensure your Smile JourneyTM is both safe and successful,” Dr. Sulitzer says.

24/7 support

Your treating doctor just doesn’t look at your teeth before treatment and vanish into the ether, either. Your doctor is there with you every step of the way on your Smile Journey.

You’ll even have regular virtual Smile Check-ins with your doctor to ensure your smile is progressing as expected.

Not only does your treating doctor look at your teeth before approving you, but they also monitor your smile throughout your entire journey.

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