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Mythbuster: Does SmileDirectClub damage teeth? No!

We know that everyone has worries when starting a new treatment, and we get all sorts of questions about SmileDirectClub.

Can SmileDirectClub make my teeth fall out? Is SmileDirectClub bad for your teeth, or can it ruin your teeth?

The answer to all these questions is a big no.

SmileDirectClub straightens your teeth and does so at a lower cost than other orthodontic options. The risk for you here is missing out on a great way to get a new smile.

“Our aligners will not damage healthy teeth,” says Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, Chief Clinical Officer at SmileDirectClub.

The key words here: healthy teeth. We straighten your teeth, but you need to cover your basic dental hygiene during your Smile JourneyTM. That means brushing and flossing your teeth daily, and going to your regular dental appointments to ensure your gums are healthy.

Partners in treatment

That’s one aspect of dental care that you cannot do alone, from home. You need to go to a dentist, in person, for regular teeth cleaning and examinations.

Don’t have a local dentist? We’ll help you find one. We can connect you to one of the thousands of dentists across the country in our Partner Network so you can get in-person dental care near you.

You’ll be able to schedule regular teeth cleanings and examinations to keep your teeth healthy throughout your Smile Journey and beyond. Straight teeth are just one aspect of oral health. Once we help you get the smile of your dreams, your dentist can help you keep your perfect teeth in tip top shape for years to come.

At SmileDirectClub, we care about your overall health, not just your smile.

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