‘My transition is complete’: Spencer can’t stop smiling

A new SmileDirectClub smile was the last step on Spencer’s 6-year journey to becoming the man he is today.

Spencer, a transgender man, says that straightening his teeth was the final step in this major life transformation.

“It was just the one thing that was missing from the whole package that I saw myself as,” he says. “I feel like my transition is complete now.”

SmileDirectClub was able to provide exactly what he wanted

While all Club members come to us to improve their smile, each has their own unique needs and goals. In Spencer’s case, he wanted to straighten his top teeth and get rid of the  gap without making any changes to his bottom teeth. This proved more difficult than he imagined – until he found SmileDirectClub.

“Before SmileDirectClub, I had tried a couple of the other companies that were out there and actually gotten denied,” Spencer says. “I wasn’t able to just fix my top teeth and SmileDirectClub offered me that option, so I was able to just focus on the area that I wanted to.”

Before starting his Smile Journey™, Spencer wondered what his smile would look like without his gap. Now, he has that smile and says it’s been a “dream come true.”

“I’m so happy with my results,” he says. “I used to use those selfie filters just to see what a normal smile might look like, so it’s great to look in the mirror and see that smile.”

The snowball effect of a new smile

Spencer has a lot to smile about these days and says his new smile has changed his life.

“Now that I’ve completed this step of straightening my teeth, I’m going out maybe every weekend or so and just love talking to people and showing off my smile,” he says.

“And all that smiling isn’t going unnoticed,” says Spencer, who’s found new confidence in his transformation.

“I’m just always smiling. People are noticing, and I even was told I had a nice smile the other day. That’s something I would never have been told, so it definitely made me feel good!”

Minimal adulting required

Spencer loved how easy it was to straighten his teeth with SmileDirectClub and felt there was “minimal adulting” required.

From receiving his impression kit and having his treatment approved to the ease of having his insurance accepted and half the cost of his treatment covered, everything fell into place.

Plus, he liked not having to make phone calls for appointments or go in for office visits.

“I would tell anyone that’s considering straightening their teeth to definitely look into SmileDirectClub,” Spencer says. “I don’t think you will regret it one bit. It couldn’t be easier, so just make yourself a priority and contact them and get started.”

Crushing  goals with a smile

Since finally achieving this goal of a straighter smile, Spencer continues to set – and crush –his other life goals. He built a treadmill desk, so he can exercise while he works.

That treadmill – and his determination – have him walking anywhere from 80 to 100 miles a week.

Spencer is at a point where he looks in the mirror and likes what he sees.

“It’s the person that I’ve always dreamed of being, so I’m just grateful that I was able to do that with SmileDirectClub,” he said.

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