smiledirectclub clear aligner tools

Meet your SmileDirectClub clear aligner tools

Get to know your SmileDirectClub Movemints, Outie tool, and more.

We want to make sure that your journey is as easy and comfortable as possible, so we’ve included a few extras. If any of these go missing, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to replace it.

You should see more than just your aligners in your big blurple box, so here’s a rundown on your new best friends:

SmileDirectClub clear aligner tools


When you first put in your aligners, you may notice that they are not fully seated on your teeth. Chew the Movemints and move them from one side of your teeth to the other to make sure your aligners are fully set. They’ll help your clear aligners settle in, as well as freshen your breath with a cool spearmint flavor.

Outie tool

Use your Outie tool to help you take your aligners out. Use one hook to pull lower aligners up and off teeth. Use the other hook to pull upper aligners down and off teeth. Never pull outward with the Outie tool – it will damage your aligners. Do not use to catch extremely tiny fish.


Pretty self-explanatory. Keep your aligners in here when they aren’t in your mouth. Repeat after me: Napkins are not a case.

Emery Board

All of your aligners are trimmed and buffed prior to being shipped to you, but sometimes there are edges that feel sharp once they’re in your mouth. You can use this to file down those areas and make them more comfortable.

Bright on + lip balm

These aren’t tools, they’re just extras. Enjoy a 6-month supply of whitening and the best lip balm ever. You can start using the whitening at any point during your aligner journey. Be sure to read the whitening guide for the best results.

Once you have your aligners and get started, the next thing to do is set a reminder to order your retainers 2–3 weeks before you’re done with treatment. All that’s left to do is start straightening.

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*Warning: Materials are considered a potential choking hazard. Material may cause an allergic reaction.

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