smiledirectclub clear aligner tools

Meet your SmileDirectClub clear aligner tools

Get to know your SmileDirectClub Movemints, Outie tool, and more.

Meet the grin gang. They’re here to make using your aligners easy.

You’ll get all of these tools in your big blurple box of clear aligners at the start of treatment to help make your smile journey a little easier.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to use each one of them. If one of the members goes AWOL, feel free to call us for a replacement.

SmileDirectClub clear aligner tools


When you first put in your aligners, you may notice that they are not fully seated on your teeth. Chew the Movemints and move them from one side of your teeth to the other to make sure your aligners (aka cloak of clear confidence) are fully set. They’ll help your clear aligners settle in, as well as freshen your breath with a cool spearmint flavor.

Outie tool

Use your Outie tool to help you take your aligners out. Use one hook to pull lower aligners up and off teeth. Use the other hook to pull upper aligners down and off teeth. Never pull outward with the Outie tool – it will damage your aligners. Do not use to catch extremely tiny fish.


Your aligners are homebodies. They should really only have 2 homes: their case and your mouth. Don’t throw them in your pocket or leave them on the bathroom sink. They’re clear, so they may end up getting stepped on or thrown away. That’s nothing to grin about. 

Inside your big blurple box you’ll also get 4 bright on™ teeth whitening pens. That’s a full whitening treatment to achieve your brightest smile. We’ve even provided our cult-favorite lip balm. These last 2 things are just little gifts for you, from us (and are not intended to impact the alignment system).

Once you have your aligners and get started, the next thing to do is set a reminder to order your retainers 2–3 weeks before you’re done with treatment. All that’s left to do is start straightening.

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*Warning: Materials are considered a potential choking hazard. Material may cause an allergic reaction.

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