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Meet Rashad and read his full SmileDirectClub review

Rashad Jiles, 29, is loving life with his new, straight, white smile. But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, a few years ago he felt self-conscious and afraid to show his teeth. And for a flight attendant talking to people every day, that was a problem.

All that changed when Rashad discovered SmileDirectClub aligners,

Braces versus SmileDirectClub

Growing up, Rashad’s parents always told him he had a beautiful smile. Yet he begged to differ.

“I’m embarrassed to say, but when I was younger I would chew gum and hold it behind my teeth so it could fill in the gaps in my teeth,” Rashad says. “Then I could have the flawless smile I always wanted.”

As an adult, Rashad thought about getting braces for years.

“I debated for so long, the new debate became, ‘Do I want metal braces as an adult?'”

With metal braces, Rashad would have spent US$5,000 (or more). He would have had to schedule monthly visits to his local dentist or orthodontist, and he may have needed attachments or rubber bands to facilitate his teeth straightening. Traditional braces also would have been awkward, difficult to clean, and highly visible. Not to mention, he would have had to deal with countless food restrictions.

Ultimately, braces were out of the question.

Getting started with SmileDirectClub

Rashad was scrolling through Instagram when he first heard about SmileDirectClub: doctor-directed aligners delivered directly to you and up to 60% less than traditional braces.

He then learned about a free teeth whitening and consultation that SmileDirectClub was offering at a New York City SmileShop.

“A friend and I decided to go,” Rashad says. “I was blown away with the testimonials, the service, and the PRICE!”

To get started with SmileDirectClub, either you’ll visit your local SmileShop for a 3D image of your teeth, or you’ll do an Impression Kit. In both instances, a state licensed dentist or orthodontist will review your case and approve your personalized smile plan. You’ll receive a 3D rendering of what your new smile will look like and be able to see the projected changes month-by-month.

Your aligners will ship directly to you, all in one shipment. Working as a flight attendant means Rashad is sometimes away from home for weeks at a time, so “the fact that everything was mailed to my house was perfect,” he says.

The SmileDirectClub difference

Rashad received his custom 6-month smile plan and began wearing his aligners in November 2016. As with all smile plans, he wore his aligners day and night, except when eating and drinking anything other than water. He was able to easily remove his aligners when necessary and keep both them – and his teeth – sparkling clean.

“In the beginning if I was being graded, I would’ve earned an A+,” he says about following his plan. “I started getting more and more compliments about my smile, especially at work, and I knew if this looks good, I can’t wait to see the end result!”

Sometimes he’d experience minor soreness when switching to a new set of aligners, but seeing the amazing progress his teeth were making each month helped alleviate any pain. And minor pain is totally normal, says lead dentist Jeffrey Sulitzer, DMD. Like a good workout at the gym, mild soreness means your muscles are at work and your teeth are gently moving into your new smile.

“I told myself, ‘No pain, no gain!'” Rashad says.

And gain he did. Six months later, his smile had been completely transformed.

A whole new perspective

Since completing his smile plan, Rashad has been wearing his retainers at night to help keep his new smile in place. Ask him how he feels about his teeth now, and he can hardly contain his excitement:

“Singing: It is AMAZIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!! I find myself smiling more than usual just because I love showing off my new smile! I also love sharing my experience. I shared my journey on social media, and it got so much attention.”

You may have even seen Rashad on our official SmileDirectClub Instagram. His before and after photos are definitely something to grin about.

“Never in a million years did I think I’d be recognizable by my smile,” Rashad says. “A few days ago I was in the Los Angeles airport. My friend made a joke and I laughed, probably a little louder than people usually laugh in public, and someone turned around and said, ‘Hey, I know you! You’re the smile guy from Facebook!’ I was so shocked and it made me smile even more!”

Rashad no longer cringes when he sees his teeth. In fact, these days it’s hard for him to stop smiling at all! Our invisible aligners closed the gaps in his teeth and helped straighten his overall smile.

“I’m so grateful and excited about my new smile! Thanks again SmileDirectClub!”

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