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Meet Beauty Blogger Jaleesa Charisse at our Dallas SmileShop!

Jaleesa Charisse is a beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Dallas, Texas. Her blog, Jaleesa Charisse, is not only informative but uber chic, a place for the 23-year-old graduate of the University of North Texas to “share the latest and greatest through tutorials and reviews,” remarked Jaleesa, just this week at our Dallas SmileShop. When Jaleesa first told us she wanted to join the club, and we then had the chance to meet up with her at her SmileShop scan appointment, we couldn’t help but fall in love. Her confidence and easy smile would make anyone feel comfortable – and want to know more!

“My brand is me,” confirms Jaleesa, “so you’re not always going to get the typical Pinterest-perfect blogger. I am always authentic.”

Keep reading to learn more about Jaleesa, her SmileShop experience, and why she thinks smiling is always a good idea.

Hi Jaleesa! You’re done with your scan session, the first step of your new smile journey. How was it?

The scan session was an absolute breeze! I remember my impression session when I had braces and I dreaded it. During my scan session at Dallas SmileShop, I was so comfortable the entire time and was finished within 30 minutes.

We’re so honored to have you here and help you find your best smile – it’s a significant part of your personal and professional life! Can you tell us a little bit about how your blog began?

Sure! My blog began 4 years ago (in March 2013) in my apartment bedroom as I worked hard to earn my two bachelor’s degrees at the University of North Texas for merchandising and digital retailing. I blogged every day like it was my full-time job because I loved it — it truly made me happy. Now after years of dedication and hard work, I am blessed to be able to continue blogging as a career.

And you’re so good at it. It seems that you have a true connection with your followers, and you really encourage those around you to enjoy life. How would you describe everyone who keeps up with you on Jaleesa Charisse?

They’re real, beautiful, and Makeup Junkies!

Your blog is such a happy place. What has been a huge influence on who you are today?

The smiles of my family and friends! When I’m around those I love, I enjoy making them smile. Whether it’s because I told a funny joke or surprised someone with a gift they love, seeing them smile warms my heart. When they smile, I smile. Smiles really are contagious.

Speaking of smiles being contagious, your reviews of SmileDirectClub have been glowing! What makes SmileDirectClub the perfect option for you?

I’m beyond excited to go through the invisible aligner treatment process in the comfort of my own home. It’s so much simpler and convenient, especially with my busy schedule!

It sounds like you’ve experienced the inconvenience and discomforts of braces! Have you?

Yes, I had metal braces in high school. Cut lips were very painful! After my braces were removed, I did wear my retainer for a little bit before it broke and I never got around to paying for a replacement. My teeth have since shifted.

What about SmileDirectClub makes it so unique?

They are an affordable option and there are payment plans! Plus, new invisible aligners are sent almost subscription box-style, which is super convenient, especially since most of my followers have busy and social lives. Also, being able to walk around every day without visible metal braces is most attractive about SmileDirectClub.

Will SmileDirectClub change how you smile?

I will feel more confident about my smile! Hello, selfies!

Thanks, Jaleesa!

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