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Let’s be direct about teeth straightening

Can I be direct with you?

Some people are paying more than double for teeth straightening with Invisalign.1

Phew. It feels good to say that out loud. See, being direct is my thing. And I’ve taken over SmileDirectClub’s blog to do just that. People go their whole lives dreaming of having straighter teeth, and they think the only way to do it involves lots of office visits, and lots of money, and lots of Invisalign.

But I want you to hear this directly from me. SmileDirectClub costs 60% less than Invisalign. That’s, like, $3000 less.1 Which is a lot less. Like, a lot.

Sure. Both types of clear aligners straighten your teeth. But with SmileDirectClub, there’s more. You also get SmileDirectClub’s Lifetime Smile Guarantee™, which is exactly what it sounds like. SmileDirectClub protects your new smile for life.2 Your life. Like, the entire thing. That’s a direct exclusive.

Think about it this way. Have you ever heard someone say, “Wow. I sure do love my smile now that I’ve spent time and money straightening my teeth. But I think I’ll only keep it until after my wedding.” Nope. With the Lifetime Smile Guarantee, you get free aligner touch-ups whenever you need them – during or even years after your treatment.2

SmileDirectClub also sends your aligners directly to you – so the savings go directly to you.

Honestly, we all have a million things going on already. Who has time to drive to the doctor’s office, circle the block looking for a parking spot, and then sit in the waiting room for what feels like an eternity? No one. SmileDirectClub gets it. That’s why your aligner treatment is doctor-directed from start to finish through their virtual telehealth platform. And they send your aligners right to your doorstep. Seriously. No more office visits or extra fees. So really, you save time and money.

Not to mention, SmileDirectClub aligners straighten teeth in as little as 4 months – not years.3 

Months. Picture yourself in 4 months. Maybe you’re walking across that stage with your hard-earned diploma in hand. Or maybe you’re at the altar, saying “I do” to the love of your life. Or maybe you’re feeling so bold that you decide to go talk to that cute barista. Now, think about doing any of those things with straighter teeth, just 4 months from now. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

So, let’s review. With SmileDirectClub, you get a smile you love. You get aligners sent directly to you, so the savings go directly to you. You get direct exclusives, like the Lifetime Smile Guarantee. And, like I said, you get it all for 60% less than Invisalign (that’s, like, $3000).1 It’s kind of like that present you get for your birthday – you know, the big box that you think is just one present, but really, it has more presents wrapped up inside the same box. You end up getting that gift you really wanted, plus all these other great things you didn’t put on your list. Talk about reasons to smile.

Choose smile. Choose direct. SmileDirectClub.


1 Price comparison based on Single Pay vs. average total fees (including diagnostics and in-person exams) for treatment of mild-to-moderate malocclusion with Invisalign as reported in a 2021 national survey of practicing dentists and orthodontists. Price comparison does not include the cost of additional services, such as retainers. Results may vary.

2 Terms and conditions apply. See for details.

3 Typical SmileDirectClub treatment takes 4–6 months. See for details. Results may vary.

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