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Job interview tips: do’s and don’ts to land your dream job

These expert job interview tips will help boost your confidence and increase the odds of getting a job offer.

A sincere smile can win someone over in just 7 seconds. And a smile doesn’t just say you’re happy. Studies show that powerful people smile when they are happy. It shows genuine confidence and ease.

So first thing’s first, smile as soon as you walk through the door. Think of how genuinely happy you are to be there and remember what you like about the organization, their business, and the person across the desk. Your smile should be real and natural. Your positivity will be felt and returned.

Next up, time to nail the job interview. These do’s and don’ts will help you land the job and get your foot in the door. Good luck! You’ve got this.

Job interview do’s

  • Know the organization. What is the culture? What kind of people fit best?
  • Research everything you can about the industry, this office, and what matters and makes it succeed. Find out their top achievements and people, and what they’ve left by the wayside. (i.e. if a product or service failed, it’s not one you want to highlight).
  • Ask questions. What do they like best about working there? What kind of projects might you be working on?
  • Take your time. It’s okay to show you are thinking and take a minute to respond. If you aren’t sure how to respond right away, repeat the question out loud.
  • Compliment them! If you’re sincerely excited about one of their products or services, tell them.
  • Add a short video to your online profile. Relax, be warm but professional, and express your passion for the work you want to do.
  • Take pride and briefly share your part (leader or solid support) in the success on a job, team or community project.
  • Share what you’re passionate about. That can be a college major, volunteer projects, interesting hobbies, or internships.

Job interview dont’s

  • Don’t be negative about former coworkers, bosses, or places of employment. It’s okay to share what you learned in a tough situation, but nothing derogatory.
  • Don’t lie about salary. Be honest about the salary you’d like (after researching realistic guidelines), and if asked who else you have met with, tell the truth. Competition is good if they want you.
  • Don’t show any insecurities. And no self-deprecation. They want to know you believe in yourself and will elaborate on accomplishments they see on your resume and online profile.
  • Don’t be late, don’t delay in responding to emails and calls, and yes, accept their LinkedIn invitation. Even if you don’t get the job, maybe they will recommend you to a colleague or keep you in mind for another position.

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Updated July 2018

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