Is SmileDirectClub Legit?

So, you’ve been hearing about SmileDirectClub invisible aligners, perhaps in Inc. Magazine or on social media. And maybe you’ve wondered, “Invisible aligners for up to 60% less than other teeth straightening options? Is SmileDirectClub legit?” The short answer is, yes! Here are some important things to know about SmileDirectClub invisible aligners.

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SmileDirectClub invisible aligners are not DIY orthodontics.

Yes, SmileDirectClub allows you to get a straighter, brighter smile from the convenience of your own home; however, our invisible aligners are not a do-it-yourself treatment. All smile plans are closely monitored by our affiliated licensed dental professionals to ensure quality of care. These dental professionals provide a customized plan for each customer and check in with them along the way to make sure their smiles are straightening just as they’re supposed to.

Teledentistry is legal and safe for the customer.

Telehealth is already a common practice for many healthcare professionals. In 2014, 1 in every 6 medical visits was virtual. And in 2017, 70% of U.S. consumers who were surveyed said they were interested in virtual healthcare. By employing cloud-based software and partnering with licensed dental professionals who create and prescribe treatments, not only is teledentistry legal, it’s also convenient and makes quality care more affordable.

SmileDirectClub works with industry associations and licensed providers.

SmileDirectClub is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Better Business Bureau. In addition to being featured in The Progressive Orthodontist magazine, we have participated in the American Association of Orthodontics annual session and the International Dental Show. All of the doctors and orthodontists within our network are licensed and accountable to their dental boards.

SmileDirectClub isn’t practicing medicine.

SmileDirectClub works with a network of affiliated duly licensed dentists and orthodontists who create and prescribe treatment plans for customers. We’re not practicing medicine, we’re just helping customers get access to affordable, convenient care.

In-office visits aren’t required for proper treatment.

With recent advances in medical technology, we’re able to gather all the necessary information for our affiliated providers to prescribe your treatment, including a full photo assessment, dental impressions or scans, and a full medical and dental history through our online platform.

SmileDirectClub can get quality impressions without a physical exam or in-office visit.

We provide customers with detailed instructions for both the photo assessment and impressions. We use vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression material since it is both highly accurate (capturing fine detail like gum lines) and resistant to temperature extremes that may be encountered during shipping. Our customer care team is available around the clock to talk customers through the process. If our affiliated providers need higher-quality photos and impressions to prescribe a smile plan, we work with customers on resubmitting those elements easily and conveniently.

Quality, continuing care is an essential part of what we do, and it doesn’t require an in-office visit.

During treatment, customers are requested to check in with their affiliated provider at regular intervals by submitting new photos so that the provider can track their progress.

Attachments aren’t required to move teeth with our aligner technology.

Unlike some brands, our aligners are trimmed in a straight fashion across the top rather than a scalloped style. This allows us to get optimal turning force to straighten teeth without the need for attachments or buttons.

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