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Invite a friend to join the Club

Help share the smiles with your friends and family by signing up for the SmileDirectClub invite-a-friend program.

Your friend will get a discount on their clear aligners, and you’ll receive a gift card via email in return. It’s easy.

How it works

1. To start sharing, sign up with your email address at

Canada (English):
Canada (French):

2. Share your unique URL with friends and family however you like – or share directly from the site via email, social media, or text.

3. Your friend or family member will sign up for their SmileShop appointment or order an impression kit using the link that you shared with them. When they click your invitation, they will enter their email address to generate a promo code. This promo code must be entered prior to the SmileShop appointment or impression kit purchase to be eligible for the invite-a-friend discount and reward.

4. When your friend buys their clear aligners (having used your unique URL), they’ll receive the discount.

5. Once your friend’s aligners are shipped out to them, you’ll receive a digital gift card sent directly to the email you used to start sharing.

Frequently asked questions

Can I track the number of friends I invite?

You will not have a dashboard specifically for tracking this, but you’ll receive an email with your digital gift card when your friend’s aligners have shipped and your reward has been approved.

Can customers combine their discount code with other discounts?

No, only one incentive or code can be used per aligner purchase.

What’s different about this program compared to SDC’s previous ambassador program?

We listened to feedback from our Club members, so both you and the friend you invite will be rewarded. Now that’s a grin-grin.

Please note: Word-of-mouth referrals, while appreciated, are not accepted as part of the invite-a-friend program.


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