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How to know if clear aligners are right for you

Straighten your teeth and get the smile you deserve with SmileDirectClub clear aligners, now at Macy’s.

The mission of SmileDirectClub is to make it affordable and convenient to transform your smile. We believe everyone deserves a smile they love.

That’s why our impression kits are now $79 and, for the first time ever, you can get started by purchasing a new smile kit at Macy’s! We’re excited to offer this option to reach more people (and more smiles) than ever before. Click here to find a new smile kit near you.

Here are 5 ways to know if SmileDirectClub is right for you.

1. You’d like mild to moderate teeth correction.

2. You need convenience that fits your lifestyle.

3. You’re looking for a company that’s trusted, safe, and doctor-directed.

4. You want a more affordable teeth straightening option.

5. You want to embrace your unique smile.

macys smile direct club retail invisible aligners

1. You’d like mild to moderate teeth correction.

Got gaps or crowded teeth? SmileDirectClub can help! In the words of our Lead Dentist, Jeffrey Sulitzer, DMD:

“Two of the most common signs you might benefit from SmileDirectClub are (1) slight crowding and/or (2) spacing in your upper or lower front teeth.”

Many of our customers had braces as a kid but never wore their retainers and their teeth shifted back. Other customers never wore braces and would now like to straighten their teeth, without the visibility of brackets and rubber bands. The easiest way to find out if you’re a candidate for SmileDirectClub is to take our free, 30-second Smile Assessment and come in to see us at your local SmileShop!

2. You need convenience that fits your lifestyle.

Rather than filling up your calendar with monthly in-office doctor’s appointments, our affiliated, licensed dentists and orthodontists treat customers remotely. You’ll receive the same care and attention virtually as you would in an office. This is called teledentistry, and SmileDirectClub is the pioneer in promoting and developing advanced technology to help more and more people access dental care.

“SmileDirectClub is a great way to improve upon your smile in a way that fits your lifestyle,” Dr. Sulitzer says. “We can treat you under a doctor’s care without having you go to the orthodontic office every 4–6 weeks.”

In addition, SmileDirectClub ships all the aligners in your smile plan at once — no waiting on monthly shipments. So if you move or go on vacation, you’ll be able to easily stay on track with your plan.

3. You’re looking for a company that’s trusted, safe, and doctor-directed.

We work with a network of 225 affiliated, licensed dentists and orthodontists who have many years of aligner therapy experience. They assess each customer’s individual case and dental history, and they’re under no obligation to prescribe SmileDirectClub invisible aligners. The network is guided by its own Clinical Advisory Board that ensure the efficacy and safety of everything they do.

Plus, SmileDirectClub has helped 300,000 customers straighten their smiles since 2014! Their results are amazing. Check out their befores and happily ever afters here.

4. You want a more affordable option.

SmileDirectClub clear aligners are 60% less than other teeth-straightening options. By treating customers remotely, we’re able to cut out the cost of office visits and then pass those savings on to you.

We offer a monthly payment plan for your clear aligners, and we accept HSA, FSA, and CareCredit – and we never do a credit check. Most insurance companies reimburse for the cost of our aligners, too.

5. You want to embrace your unique smile.

We can help you straighten your smile, while still maintaining your unique grin! We want to help empower your confidence and make you feel like your best self. Your teeth should make you feel like you. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Get started today with a visit to Macy’s! 

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