how to be happier at work mari andrew

How to be happier at work

Mari Andrew shares 4 tips for smiling more at work. 

In honor of International Women’s Day last month, we held a roundtable hosted by artist, writer, and speaker Mari Andrew. Inspired by the discussion with 6 women from SmileDirectClub, she doodled this advice for smiling more at work.

Let’s get grinning.

Illustration by Mari Andrew

1. Bring your values to the office. 

Even if your current job isn’t your dream job, bringing your compassion, kindness, and new ideas can help you find what you’re passionate about, Andrew says. 

“It’s a lot of pressure to find a career path that also aligns with your passions (it’s hard enough to find a career path, period!). But bringing your passion to your current work is a good way to learn more about your interests and talents – and where they converge.”

2. Put personal touches on your desk. 

Personalize your space to make it both inspiring and smile-inducing. “I’m sensitive to my environment, so music, my desk, even my outfit make a huge difference,” Andrew says. Bring in a photo of your pet or loved ones, a cute succulent, or display a card from a co-worker. And, if you work in an open office, bring your headphones to really plug in and dial out distractions, she suggests.  

3. Celebrate others.  

Smile more with coworkers by celebrating both the little things and the big things, from workiversaries and birthdays to engagements and babies, to remind them how great they are. “We assume that our wonderful friends and colleagues know exactly what it is we value in them and why they’re special, but people could be reminded of their talents daily, and it wouldn’t be enough!” 

4. Lift up your peers. 

A few kind words can go a long way to brighten someone’s day.

“Everyone can feel a little uneasy at work. Even when they’re killing it, sometimes it just feels so good to hear ‘great idea today,’ or ‘thank you for getting back to me so quickly,’ or ‘I always appreciate your insights during meetings.’ I try to give one compliment a day, at least.”

Plus, a bonus tip: Get outside. 

Sometimes all you need to turn your frown upside down is a change of scenery and some vitamin D. “I’m personally a big believer in walks and journaling to reconnect with yourself regularly,” Andrew says. “When I worked at an office, I’d use my lunch hour to take a long walk, and now that I work from home, I carve out an hour in my day just to walk around my neighborhood to clear my mind and just spend some time appreciating my own company.” 

There’s one more thing that can help you smile more at work – and just in general: a smile you love. Get started on the smile you’ve always dreamed of today by visiting one of our SmileShops for a free 3D image

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