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How Selfie Dad helped his daughter get a smile she loves with SmileDirectClub

Cassie and her dad (aka Selfie Dad) both became web superstars. But she wouldn’t show her smile until she had invisible aligners sent directly to her. Now, neither of them can stop grinning.

Remember #SelfieDad? The photos that went viral a few years ago when dad Burr Martin started re-creating his daughter Cassie’s selfies and sharing them on social media?

Burr copied Cassie’s selfies down to the outfits, tattoos, poses, piercings, and more, spending hours penning the tattoos to get the perfect shot – all in an effort to scare off the boys who were commenting on her pics.

More than 200,000 followers and thousands on thousands of Instagram likes later, the famous #SelfieDad and daughter duo are still smiling – with a little help from SmileDirectClub.

smiledirectclub selfie dad and daughter

What the world didn’t notice about Cassie was that she never actually showed her smile in her selfies. Her dad didn’t notice it either. Until one day when Cassie came home from work and told him about how she overheard a group of girls making fun of her smile. Burr had seen SmileDirectClub ads and decided to give Cassie the gift of a smile she could be proud of.

“At that point, I didn’t have a choice. You can’t hear, ‘Oh, look at her teeth’ and not do something,” Burr says. He thought, “I have to do something, I have to do something now, and here’s something I can get going right away.”

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Why Selfie Dad Chose SmileDirectClub

It’s affordable.

When Burr was researching teeth straightening options, SmileDirectClub stood out to him because of the price, which is up to 60% less than traditional braces.

“I can’t afford a used car, so braces were out,” he says.

SmileDirectClub offers 2 easy ways to pay for invisible aligners.

“Once you start getting into what do you make a year and your insurance plans and all that, numbers start spinning in my head,” Burr says. “But this was like here, sign up, do this. Okay, done. It was very easy.”

It’s easy.

After deciding on SmileDirectClub, Burr went online and ordered Cassie an impression kit, which she did right in her own bathroom – no dentist visit necessary. Cassie says,

“It was super simple. I wanted to get it done right away, and it was just instant.”

SmileDirectClub aligners are sent directly to you. We work with a network of over state licensed dentists and orthodontists who oversee every case without monthly office visits, waiting rooms, and awkward appointments.

“I don’t have to go in anywhere, it just gets mailed to me, which I like,” Cassie says. “I don’t like going in and someone telling me how crappy my teeth are. I like knowing it myself and fixing it.”

smiledirectclub selfie dad and daughter

It builds confidence.

Three months into her smile journey, Cassie posted her first selfie with a big, toothy grin.

“I didn’t realize all through this whole selfie thing that every time she smiled she was hiding it, or doing just the lips, or sticking a tongue out,” Burr says. “It was like a lightning bolt. Like, oh my gosh, she’s really smiling with her teeth. It brought a lot of confidence back to her, which was a huge deal.”

“Now I can wear lipstick again,” Cassie says. “I never used to wear lipstick because I didn’t want to draw attention toward my mouth, but now I wear bright red lipstick and I feel super confident in it.”

What’s even better than rocking bright red lipstick? Laughing without thinking what you look like doing it.

“This tooth was so bad that I would be afraid of laughing,” Cassie says, pointing to her smile and showing how she used to cover her mouth every time she laughed.

“Now I can throw my head back and laugh and don’t feel super insecure, which is nice.”

smiledirectclub selfie dad cassie

Cassie wasn’t the only one who felt good after finishing her smile plan.

“I felt really good about it because I did something right, and that was great because that doesn’t happen a lot,” Burr says.

“She was famous for her selfies and smiling, but it wasn’t really a smile that it should’ve been. How different would that have been if she was actually using all of her teeth smiling?”

But now both Burr and Cassie will be smiling – and selfie-ing – for years to come.

smiledirectclub selfie dad and daughter

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