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How to Make Creepy Crawly Candy with Your Aligners

Add some spooky fun to your Halloween party with these candies you can make using your old aligners—use them as decorations, or feed them to your friends. We recommend this be a trick and not a treat (unless you make the candy with a different mold).

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What You Need:

  • Your old invisible aligners
  • Jell-O®
  • Corn syrup
  • VERY cold water
  • 2 packets of unflavored gelatin (most boxes include 4)
  • An empty condiment bottle (optional)
  • Step 1: Mix the Water and Syrup

    Start with ½ cup of very cold water (trust us, if the water isn’t cold enough, your candies won’t turn out right). Then add ¼ cup of corn syrup. Pro tip: If you use a liquid measuring cup, you can put the syrup right on top of the water for a total of ¾ cup. Stir them together until the syrup fully dissolves.

    Step 2: Add the Jell-O

    Pour your liquid into a sauce-pan (but don’t turn on the heat yet!). Add the 2 packets of gelatin and the full packet of Jell-O. Let them absorb into the liquid. Stir slowly until fully mixed.

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    Step 3: Heat it Up & Let it Sit

    Set your stove to medium low heat for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring the mixture every minute or two. Once it’s all mixed together, pour it into a narrow, heat-resistant container (like a drinking glass). Let it sit for 10 minutes to allow any bumps and bubbles to rise to the top. They’ll form a foam that you can scrape off.

    Step 4: Pour the Syrup

    Pour the syrup into a condiment bottle to make it easier to fill your candy molds. If you don’t have a condiment bottle, then let your syrup cool for an hour (as it gets thicker, it becomes easier to hand-pour). Spray your sterilized aligners with cooking spray. To keep the syrup from pouring out of the back teeth, you may need to prop them up using something from your kitchen—wooden skewers, a butter knife, whatever you have on hand.

    Step 5: Cool and Store

    Let your candies cool in the fridge for a few hours. Once they’re done, pop them out of their molds. Voila, you have creepy, crawly teeth. You can store them in a sealed container in your fridge for up to a month. It’s up to you whether you tell your friends they came from your aligners.

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