How does SmileDirectClub straighten teeth?

Like many people, you may be thinking that your smile could be improved. But the time, money, and hassle seem like a big investment. SmileDirectClub makes getting a smile you love easy and affordable. Your customized clear aligners are half the cost of Invisalign1 and you’ll get personalized service with little disturbance to your daily life.

Your SmileJourneyTM begins with a free online assessment. You can do that on our website in just 30 seconds and see if treatment may be right for you.

How does SmileDirectClub create a treatment plan that’s right for me?

After taking our online assessment, there are three ways to get started with SmileDirectClub.

  • You can visit one of our SmileShops to get a free 3D image of your teeth.
  • You can visit one of the 1,500+ dentists and orthodontists in SmileDirectClub’s Partner Network to get a get a free 3D image or impression of your teeth.
  • We can ship you a remote impression kit so you can create an impression and send it back to us.

Next, we assess the best way to transform your smile. Our patented SmartSculptTM technology precisely sculpts, plans, and models exactly how we will move your teeth and how long it will take. One of our 250+ state-licensed dentists and orthodontists will also review and approve your individualized treatment plan. We’ll then share a preview of your smile transformation with you before we create your custom aligners.

There are two ways to get a great smile with SmileDirectClub: with SmileDirectClub Aligners, worn 22 hours each day, or with Nighttime Aligners™ that you wear for 10 continuous hours at night. You can select a preference, but only your doctor can determine which treatment is right for you.

Your Smile Journey

After developing your treatment plan, we’ll use 3D printing to create your aligners. Our aligners are tight-fitting, custom-made trays made with BPA-free clear plastic. SmileDirectClub’s Comfort SenseTM technology means that your aligners won’t irritate your cheeks and gums the way metal braces do.

Plus, your aligners will have a clear, matte finish that keeps them from being visible. Each month, they will gradually increase in thickness to safely and gently move teeth.

Saving money from the get-go

We ship all your aligners to you directly in one go, so you don’t have to wait for new ones to arrive or commute to a doctor’s office monthly. Sending you everything at once reduces the overall cost of your treatment and avoids the markup there’d be if they were sent through a doctor as a middleman. They’ll come with instructions that are tailored to your particular needs, and you’ll change aligners regularly – every week or two, following the plan your doctor prescribed.

During treatment, you can eat or drink anything you like – just take out your aligners first and brush and floss before putting your aligners back in. SmileDirectClub aligners will move all your teeth simultaneously, distributing force equally. Then, in as little as four to six months2, your new smile will be complete.

Plus, we send you premium teeth whitening that brightens your smile in just one week.

SmileDirectClub is doctor-prescribed and approved

From day one, one of our 250+ state-licensed dentists and orthodontists will oversee your custom treatment plan at every step. Every doctor has at least five years of experience with clear aligners and are held to the same standard of care as they would be if you visited them at a practice in person.

With our remote platform, you’ll have regular virtual Smile Check-insTM to track your progress. We can make any adjustments to your treatment as needed, without you having to miss school or work, or travel a long way for an office visit.

Throughout your journey, you’ll have 24/7 support. You can reach us whichever way suits you best: on our app, by phone, with real-time chat, live video chat, or email.

You’ll get free aligner replacement, along with treatment updates and notifications for their parents.

You get a Lifetime Smile GuaranteeTM

Your new smile is protected for life3. If your dentist or orthodontist decides our aligners aren’t a good fit for you, we’ll refund the cost of your impression kit or scan. If you’re unhappy with your treatment within the first 30 days, we’ll refund your cost 100%.

If your treatment needs an aligner touch-up, it’s free. We guarantee it3.Of course, don’t forget to wear your retainers, which you’ll need to keep that new smile.

We’ve helped over 1.5 million people improve their smiles. Check out Julia’s story below or here from more Club members on our YouTube channel.

1 Half the cost of Invisalign” claim based on Single Pay vs. avg. fees (incl. diagnostics and exams) for Invisalign treatment, as reported in a nat’l survey of dentists and orthodontists. Comparison does not include added costs, such as retainers, and is limited to mild-to-moderate teeth correction, as Invisalign may treat additional issues.

2 Typical SmileDirectClub treatment takes 4–6 months. See for details. Results may vary.

3 Terms and conditions apply. See for details.

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