How are doctors involved in SmileDirectClub? The whole way through.

When you straighten your teeth with SmileDirectClub aligners, a doctor oversees your treatment from beginning to end. But how exactly does that work?

To learn the answer, meet Dr. Gary Moore, one of our affiliated dentists based in Colorado Springs, CO. He’s been in practice for 36 years and has worked with clear aligners for nearly half that time. From prescribing treatment plans to speaking directly with the Club members under his care, Dr. Moore helps people like you get the results they want.

“A new smile can change a person’s life overnight,” says Dr. Moore. “It’s very difficult to go through life with a smile that you hate.”

He has seen many patients truly transform by getting a new smile with SmileDirectClub and says, “It’s great to be able to help that change.”

Before Dr. Moore prescribes a potential Club member’s treatment plan, he first analyzes their current smile and reviews the medical information that we supply to him, including a 3D image of the teeth, photos, and dental history. These are all the same materials orthodontists and dentists use in their daily practice – everything Dr. Moore needs to determine if the person is a good candidate for aligner treatment. He always wants to make sure the treatment plans meet his high standards.

What does the doctor look for first? Any issues that would require care before starting treatment, such as gum disease, decay, or broken teeth.

“After 36 years, you get a knack for seeing what’s going on in the patient’s mouth from just a photograph.”

The 3D image shows Dr. Moore the exact contours of the teeth and surrounding tissue – all in incredibly high detail. He then compares this to the photographs, making sure all is in good shape to move the teeth properly.

Treating true candidates

“I reject approximately 30% of the cases I see,” says Dr. Moore, citing obvious issues like gum problems or cavities. He’s serious about only treating people who are true candidates for aligner therapy. Some people may require dental procedures before getting the green light for aligners.

“One of the reasons that I joined SmileDirectClub is because their parameters matched my own,” says Dr. Moore.

“With SmileDirectClub, I’m able to give the level of care that I demand for my patients.”

Reviewing and approving the treatment plan

Next, Dr. Moore takes a close look at the proposed treatment plan – how the aligners will move the Club member’s teeth, the time it will take, and most importantly, the end result. Because while everyone wants a straighter smile, they may also have a specific look in mind.

The doctors in SmileDirectClub’s network are very tuned in to the desires of the Club members and strive to deliver the results they want. For example, some people may want to keep a small gap between their teeth because it reminds them of their dad, while others may simply want to bring a “snaggletooth” under control.

Dr. Moore believes this conversation is incredibly important. “If we know what you want, then we’re able to help you get what you want.”

The most crucial question he asks himself is, “Will it give the results that my patient is looking for?” A successful result is one that makes the Club member feel good about themselves and the process.

If the treatment plan earns his stamp of approval, Dr. Moore prescribes it for the Club member.

“Every treatment plan is under the guidance of doctors like me. The Club members are my patients.”

Making corrections when needed

Dr. Moore keeps track of his patients’ treatment plans through regularly scheduled Smile Check-ins™. For these check-ins, the Club member takes photographs of their teeth with and without their aligners, and Dr. Moore then evaluates these photos to see whether or not everything is on track.

During the Club member’s treatment, if one of their teeth isn’t tracking in line with the smile plan, Dr. Moore will recommend a touch-up – an additional round of aligners to get the desired result. This is a part of the process that’s not only normal but routinely expected.

He estimates a fair percentage of his patients’ treatments included a touch-up at some point. And his patients are often the ones who request it. “Many times, patients will say, ‘Hey, can we move this tooth a little bit further?’ And of course, I try to accommodate.”

“Touch-ups make sure the patient is getting what they want.”

“We take a new scan or new impressions and then make new aligners. We want to make sure the teeth are back on track to where we want them,” says Dr. Moore. “Touch-ups are expected and very normal.”

Staying connected throughout treatment

Dr. Moore makes sure he’s always available to everyone whose treatment he manages.

“Club members have direct access to me. I’ve talked to many of my patients over the phone about their treatments, especially if they have questions,” he says. “Those are the things that I like to address individually with my patients when they need it.”

“It’s important to me that they’re happy.”

Satisfied grinners

“My patients are getting great, great results from SmileDirectClub,” says Dr. Moore. “They’re smiling. They’re happier. They’re more outgoing. They appreciate life.”

“The change that I most often see is confidence.”

“I think the most satisfying thing about my job is the ability to help people change their lives.”


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