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Get to Know Your Aligners a Little Better

Getting ready to start transforming your smile? We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you know what to expect once you receive your invisible aligners.

Scrub-a-dub-dub your aligners

You should always rinse your aligners with cool water every night. But if you really want to clean the nooks and crannies of your aligners, you can use the aligner brush attachment or put them in your smile spa™ for 5 minutes. Food that gets trapped in aligners may promote cavities and strange looks from your loved ones.

Get a grip, aligners

Sometimes your new aligners won’t fully snap into place. This is normal since there are differences between the new aligners and your current tooth position. We include Movemints with your first set of aligners to help with this! Just chew on them like a piece of gum, moving them from one side of your teeth to the other to make sure your aligners (a.k.a cloak of invisible confidence) are fully set.

Also, as you approach the end of each step, you may feel your aligners are looser. This is normal. It just means your teeth are real go-getters and are almost ready for the next set of aligners! If there’s a significant issue, please let a SmileExpert know at 800-848-7566.

Aligner down

Lose an aligner? It happens; we’re all human. First, immediately go back to wearing your previous aligner set. This will stop your teeth from shifting back. Then, give us a call at 800-848-7566 to order your replacements. With this in mind, be sure you don’t throw away your old aligners!

My teeth feel all strange and stuff

Until you’ve completed your treatment plan, your teeth may feel a little strange. That’s because they’re gently moving with each set of aligners you wear. It’s like a beautiful tooth puzzle coming together piece–by–piece. By the way, if your teeth don’t hurt or feel weird that’s fine too.

More questions? Check out our FAQ’s here!

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