5 Easy Makeup Tricks for Whiter Teeth

A brighter, beautiful smile doesn’t just make you more camera-ready, it can also make you appear more successful, more attractive, and more capable, according to recent studies. But it’s not always easy to commit the time or money to a full teeth-whitening process. Here are a few simple tricks to give you the look of whiter teeth even when your pearly whites aren’t quite as bright as you’d like them to be.

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1. The blues can be a good thing


When it comes to picking a lip color that can make your smile brighter, avoid yellow undertones found in bronzes and golds or orange undertones in some pinks and reds like coral. Yellow in your lips brings out yellow in your teeth. Instead, stick with blue undertones you’d find in deep reds, berry-like pinks and plum. Not digging those colors? Add a gloss with a subtle blue shine over the top of any lip color!

2. Get glossy for whiter teeth


If you’re not a lipstick girl or simply aren’t a fan of bright colors, don’t worry, we’ve got a trick for you, too. A high-gloss nude lipstick can make your enamel appear brighter thanks to the shine added by the gloss.

3. Go for the bronze


While you want to stay away from gold colors on your lips, a little bronzer or a contouring matte foundation a shade darker than your skin will warm up your whole face, making your teeth look whiter. Apply under your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose for best results.

4. Perfect your pout: highlight


Give a little more shape to your mouth. Apply a light concealer around the outer border of your lips or just a touch at the bow in your top lip. Then add a lip liner to the edges of your lips themselves. When your lips appear fuller (and more kissable!), your teeth look brighter in contrast.

5. Keep it cool: your eyes matter, too


Using cooler shades on your eyes such as greens, purples, silvers and blues can deflect yellows, making your skin and your teeth look brighter. For smoky eyes, keep your lips neutral (but don’t forget the gloss!), and add a purple or navy eyeliner.

It all starts with good dental care

Of course, the easiest way to get and maintain a brighter smile is through regular brushing and flossing plus twice yearly cleanings at your dentist. If you’re looking for a way to get both whiter teeth and a straighter smile, consider SmileDirectClub invisible aligners, the leading provider of direct-to-customer clear aligner therapy.

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