The Meanings Behind Different Smile Styles

What’s your smile style? Take a peek at common ways we smile, and the potential meanings behind them.

Big, broad smile

Natural enough for babies at just a few months old. As close to laughter without the guffaws as you can get. These crinkly eyes and wide lips are the real deal. Just take a look at the local playground!

Open, chin-drop smile

Done on purpose and inviting folks to share the happy vibes. Think political conventions and the red carpet. This one is contagious – they’re employing a bit of the sillies and want you on their side.

The “I’m working at it” smile

Wondering what a fake smile looks like – stop right here. You have found it. OK, the lips have moved but take a look at their eyes – see any love there? Probably not. They are doing what is expected and looking for the exit sign.

No-teeth, closed-mouth smile

This could be a sign of someone trying to hide something – whether it’s guilt or teeth they’re embarrassed to show.

Sarcastic, sneering smile

They are so not on your side. Usually pulling the smile to one side of their face with a dimple embedded, while the other side has no emotion to express. Done on purpose and trying to take you down a couple of steps.

Yes, please come closer smile

Many ladies have perfected this one since their teens. Her smile has turned up, she is looking you right in the eye and her brows have climbed up a notch. Is she giggling and oh, is her head turned to the side a tad? She’s letting you know, in the most old-fashioned way possible, a first date is a real possibility.

Shy, not-too-confident smile

You can see his teeth a bit, but his lips are tight and his mouth is pretty much shut tight with the slightest upturn. He’s privately glad to be there with you, but just too scared to do much more about it. This one may take work – entirely up to you.

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