Celebrity trainer Erin Oprea and her son get new smiles together

Erin Oprea, a celebrity fitness trainer in Nashville, Tennessee, grew up with what she called “super buck and crooked” teeth. She was skeptical that SmileDirectClub could give her a straighter smile. But when it came time for her son Hayden to have his teeth straightened, she joined in too.

They started their SmileJourneyTM together with a visit to their local SmileShop for a 3D image.

“I am beyond happy with my results,” Erin says. “My results far exceeded what I expected. And literally, it has changed everything about my smile, and I’m so happy I did it.”

The perks of sharing their journey

Erin loved sharing the journey with Hayden. Together, they kept each other accountable and on track.

“I am so glad I was able to do the SmileDirect aligners with my son Hayden. The journey together is perfect. You have each other to cheer each other on.”

Erin is blown away by her amazing results and is just as excited about Hayden’s incredible new smile.

Skeptic to fan

Erin admits that when Hayden asked her to do treatment with him, she really only did it for him. She knew that doing it together would help him stay on track with his treatment and that straightening his teeth would make him feel better about himself.

After years of believing she would just have to live with her prominent overbite, she didn’t think treatment would work for her.

“My teeth before treatment – oh my goodness! Buck, crooked, gigantic overbite. I could put a finger and a half in my overbite,” Erin says. She also received “a ton of hate” about her overbite on social media.

SmileDirectClub makes it simple and easy

Erin chose SmileDirectClub for her and her son because the process was simple and convenient. Like a lot of Club members, she loved that she could do everything virtually. She also loved being able to straighten her smile without any brackets stuck to her teeth.

Like mother, like son. Hayden also loved the ease SmileDirectClub offered, especially the fact that they didn’t need to interrupt their schedules to make office visits.

Hayden used SmileDirectClub primarily to straighten his 2 front teeth, which he said were crooked thanks to not wearing his retainer.

“SmileDirectClub was simple, fast, and really, really worth it,” he says.

As for Erin, who calls her treatment “magic,” she now gets hundreds of DMs on Instagram from people who’ve noticed her new smile and have been inspired to chase their smile goals too.

Still you, but better

Erin, who says she’s always been a smiley person, says “I’m still me” after getting a new smile, but she credits SmileDirectClub with boosting her confidence.

“Of course, I smile all day – before and after – but now I’m like, yes, I feel amazing,” she says.

To people considering starting their journey, she says: “Do it for yourself, not for others. Trust the process. Am I telling you it’s going to be easy? No. But am I telling you it’s going to be worth it? Absolutely! You are worth feeling freaking amazing, and you’ve got this!”


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