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Mythbuster: Does SmileDirectClub only straighten your front 6 teeth? We straighten all of them.

We’ve heard on the grapevine that some people wonder if aligners will straighten all your teeth. Rumor has it we only straighten the front 6 teeth, known as “the social 6” because they’re the ones the world sees when you open your mouth.

This is false. SmileDirectClub straightens all teeth necessary to get the results you want, not just the ones that show when you smile.

“I can guarantee that we won’t do anything halfway when it comes to giving you the smile of your dreams,” says Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, Chief Clinical Officer at SmileDirectClub. “Thanks to advancements in treatment planning and our industry-leading aligner production technology, our aligners can move all of your teeth necessary to get you a smile you love.”

That’s important, because having straight teeth isn’t just about looking good when you smile.

Straight teeth also improve your long-term dental health. Easier to clean than crowded or misaligned teeth, straight teeth can help make it less likely to get periodontal disease and cavities. And straight teeth wear more evenly and are less likely to break, so they last longer.

So does SmileDirectClub work to straighten all your teeth? Absolutely. And you can get a healthier smile at the same time.

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