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Mythbuster: SmileDirectClub doesn’t use doctors? Oh yes, we do!

We know that SmileDirectClub can sometimes sound too good to be true. But often there are rumors floating around out there that simply aren’t true.

One rumor we’ve heard is that SmileDirectClub doesn’t use doctors, which is simply false.

This isn’t DIY. You will have a doctor. You just won’t have to travel to an office every month.

Your doctor keeps in touch with you virtually via our telehealth platform. All communication is done in the way that works best for you – phone, chat, video, or email. You can even download our app to keep track of your progress.

How are doctors involved?

SmileDirectClub works with a network of licensed dentists and orthodontists. When you come to us for treatment, you’ll have a doctor overseeing your journey. This doctor will look at your medical records, your 3D scans, and monitor your progress virtually.

Your treating doctor will review, finalize, and approve your treatment. At no point in your Smile JourneyTM will you be DIY-ing it. Your doctor will supervise every step of your treatment, from the moment you snap in that first aligner till you get your retainers to maintain your fabulous new grin.

You’re in good hands

And about those doctors: Each has more than 4 years of experience straightening teeth with clear aligners, so you’re in good hands. Each doctor is licensed or registered in the state or country in which you live. They’re the real deal.

SmileDirectClub provides teeth straightening for the modern world where we work, socialize, and see doctors virtually. You don’t need take time out of your busy schedule to visit the doctor’s office. You can get a reliable treatment and a great smile on your own schedule.

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