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Meet the dentists and orthodontists behind your new smile

Maybe you’ve seen a post on social media, or you’re researching teeth straightening options on Google. Or maybe you’ve taken the first step to determine if SmileDirectClub’s invisible aligners are right for you and you’re asking yourself, now what? With the help of our duly licensed dentists and orthodontists, we’re here to explain the process and some of the benefits of teledentistry (clear braces delivered to you at home!). So you can sleep, and smile, easy.

How a doctor monitors your new smile.

Whether you’ve completed your at-home impression kit or you’ve gone to a SmileShop for a 3D scan, the basic process for making your new smile is the same for everyone. SmileDirectClub’s aligners are offered through a network of over 225 duly licensed dentists and orthodontists. These doctors have many years of aligner therapy experience. Each SmileDirectClub customer is assigned a dentist or orthodontist who is licensed where they live.

Your provider will assess your individual case, including your medical and dental history, and determine if SmileDirectClub invisible aligners are the right fit for you. Then you’ll receive a 3D image of your new smile generated from your impressions or scan. We’ll create your individualized smile plan, ship your aligners, and remotely follow your progress all the way through the end of your smile journey. Your doctor will oversee your new smile, and every 90 days you’ll be able to check in with them when you log into your account. You can reach out to your doctor at any time through the dental team by phone or through your online account.

Who are the dentists?

A Clinical Advisory Board guides SmileDirectClub’s network of dentists and orthodontists. In fact, the dentists and orthodontists in our network don’t work for SmileDirectClub at all. They can prescribe invisible aligners to their customers, but they’re under no obligation to recommend SmileDirectClub’s aligners specifically.

The Clinical Advisory Board is responsible for the establishment of recommended clinical guidelines and best practices for at-home invisible aligners. The board makes recommendations to SmileDirectClub on its practices and services.

Why teledentistry?

Teledentistry is a more convenient and accessible option for most people. It also offers doctors the ability to provide more affordable options for orthodontic treatment. That’s why SmileDirectClub invisible aligners cost up to 60% less than traditional braces and other teeth straightening options. SmileDirectClub is a leader in promoting and developing advanced technology. We’ve also made it available to local orthodontists and general dentists while improving everyone’s access to care.

“We define quality as the intersection of customer satisfaction and the Standards of Care. Our affiliated network will always do their absolute best to make customers happy with the results of their smile. We utilize the Standards of Care established by the dental professional community,” says Dr. Sulitzer.

SmileDirectClub truly believes everyone deserves a smile they’ll love. We are proud to be pioneers in the teledentistry space. We, along with dentists and orthodontists, are helping increase access to individuals who thought straight teeth weren’t an option.

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