do teeth aligners really work

Do teeth aligners really work?

Check out this SmileDirectClub before and after to see for yourself.

When it comes to buying clear braces online, you want to make sure you’ve selected a trusted company that works with licensed dentists and orthodontists. And, of course, you want to see proven results and reviews to know that the teeth aligners really work.

Jolea S. recently completed her treatment using SmileDirectClub – the pioneer of doctor-directed, at-home invisible aligners – and is sharing her SmileDirectClub success story.

Jolea’s SmileDirectClub success story

Jolea needed an affordable way to get a straighter smile. She completed her free smile assessment in the fall, and had a brighter and straighter smile by summer. To get started, she purchased the SmileDirectClub impression kit, which is completely refundable if it’s determined our treatment isn’t a fit for your smile. (You can also visit one of our more than 100 SmileShop locations around the country for a 3D scan!)

My teeth look absolutely amazing. I just love to smile now!

Every SmileDirectClub customer is assigned a duly licensed dentist or orthodontist that will oversee their case every step of the way. Jolea’s doctor reviewed and approved her case, determining that SmileDirectClub invisible aligners were a great option to enhance her smile.

Before starting her treatment, Jolea was worried she wouldn’t get the same results as her friends who were had traditional metal braces. By the end of her smile journey, she not only loved her results, but she also didn’t have to deal with the food restrictions her friends with braces did. With invisible aligners, you can eat all the apples and popcorn you want. And because SmileDirectClub monitors progress digitally, she didn’t have to worry about any in-office visits. There are a ton of benefits of invisible aligners, but those are just a few.

SmileDirectClub before and afters

Check out even more SmileDirectClub before and afters here, that prove that our teeth aligners really work. Want even more smile inspiration? Follow us on Instagram to see new before-and-afters first.

How to transform your smile

If you are 12 years or older and looking for an affordable way to get straighter teeth, SmileDirectClub could be right for you! Get started with a free smile assessment today. You’ll be on your way to a more beautiful smile in no time.

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Updated August 2018

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