Do dentists recommend SmileDirectClub?

We often get asked, “What do dentists think of Smile Direct Club?

SmileDirectClub works with a network of state-licensed dentists and orthodontists, so we are absolutely dentist-approved.

While we make it easy for you to get your new smile without the hassle of monthly visits to a dentist’s office, there are doctors overseeing your treatment virtually.

SmileDirectClub-affiliated doctors

Whether you choose to complete your impression kit from home or go to a SmileShop for a 3D image, your treatment is prescribed, directed, and monitored by a dentist or orthodontist licensed in the state or country you live in.

Before you begin treatment, your treating doctor will assess your individual case, including your 3D image, pictures of your smile, and your medical and dental history to determine if aligners are right for you. Once you get started, your treating doctor will oversee your Smile JourneyTM and will have regular check-ins with you.

Our network of dentists and orthodontists, who are guided by a Clinical Advisory Board, don’t work for SmileDirectClub. They’re under no obligation to recommend SmileDirectClub aligners specifically and can prescribe them to their patients if they choose to, which they do.

The SmileDirectClub Partner Network

In addition to our affiliated network of dentists and orthodontists, we have over 1500 dentists and orthodontists in our Partner Network. This is a great option for members who want to establish dental care with a local dentist to maintain their dental health throughout their journey.

P.S. We have a “meet the team” section if you’d like to see some of the Smile Direct dentists and orthodontists behind 1.5 million –  and counting –  SmileDirectClub smiles!

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