Dentists agree SmileDirectClub works wonders for teens … and parents

From the time their kids are very young, parents are used to hearing dentists tell them that their kids will probably need braces. Many do. But for teens with only mild to moderate issues, SmileDirectClub is one of the most effective options to straighten their teeth.

I have seen thousands of successful outcomes from SmileDirectClub. That’s what makes me believe in this product, the system, and how it works.”

– Dr. Michael Guirguis, DDS

The smart choice for teens

Husband and wife dentists Drs. Harvey and Loray Spencer serve both adult and pediatric patients at their thriving practice in Rock Hill, South Carolina. They know how traditional braces can transform a teen’s smile. But they also know that a clear aligner system like SmileDirectClub offers significant advantages.

“SmileDirectClub is an excellent option for teens,” says Dr. Harvey. “It’s an amazing, quick, and inexpensive clear aligner system that you can wear for as little as 4 to 6 months. For those reasons, SmileDirectClub is the best-valued option to straighten your teeth.”

“SmileDirectClub really is one of my favorite go-to options because it’s an easy system, so we don’t have to worry about attachments or brackets or wires like some other systems use.”

 – Dr. Loray Spencer, DDS

Brushing teeth without the brackets

Dr. Harvey goes on to point out another advantage of clear aligners for teens: helping them keep their teeth clean. “In some cases where I have a teenager who has had braces on for 2 years, the gum tissue grows over the brackets. You have to take the laser to really clean off that area after the braces are gone. The fact that clear aligners keep the area clean is one of the most important things for us.”

Dr. Loray agrees and explains how SmileDirectClub can give peace of mind to parents who worry about their teen’s oral care habits. “Let’s be honest, with teenagers it is kind of hard for them to keep up with their hygiene. So the clear aligners are a great option because they can take them out. We don’t have to fight against the hardware. So this is a great way to for teenagers to keep up their hygiene and straighten their teeth.”

Unmatched convenience

Beyond the ease of maintaining good oral hygiene during treatment, SmileDirectClub allows busy families more freedom. Thanks to SmileDirectClub’s innovative telehealth platform, parents and their teens can stay in touch with their dental team 24/7 – without the hassle of regular in-office visits. That can be a huge advantage if getting to the doctor requires a lot of time.

“We live in a very rural area, so it’s an all-day thing to go to the dentist,” says Melanie, mother of teen Club member Julia. “When I found out I didn’t have to go the dentist every month, that was like the cherry on top.”

“Convenience is a huge advantage for SmileDirectClub. With other aligners, you have to come in every 6 to 8 weeks. With SmileDirectClub, you get all the aligners up front.”

– Dr. Michael Guirguis, DDS

Another convenience offered by SmileDirectClub is our Nighttime AlignerTM option. These are aligners worn for 10 continuous hours at night, so teens do not have to wear them during the day when they’re at school, sports, or other activities – where they may be easily lost. Says Dr. Loray Spencer, “Nighttime Aligners are definitely a great option for teens that parents also love because they are able to watch the children and make sure they put them in and are using them accordingly. So their money doesn’t go to waste.”

A system you can trust

And when you consider the choice of easy payment plans, free replacement aligners1, and a Lifetime Smile GuaranteeTM2, the advantages of SmileDirectClub truly add up. It’s an effective, doctor-directed way for teens to straighten their teeth, a safe system that gives parents the assurance their investment is truly worth it, and a health-first treatment that meets the criteria of expert dentists.

SmileDirectClub absolutely meets our high standards and high expectations for the products that we deliver to our patients.”

– Dr. Harvey Spencer Jr., DDS



1If your treating dentist or orthodontist determines you need a replacement aligner, we will send the first set to you for free. Subsequent replacement aligners may be subject to a $99 surcharge depending on the circumstances.

2SmileDirectClub treatment is backed by our Lifetime Smile Guarantee™. Terms and conditions apply. See for details.

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