Dental No-No’s

When it comes to oral health, there are some things that may just happen to your smile – genes, age, accidents – that are not in your control. But it’s best to keep a watchful eye on those things you can control to keep bad, smile-harming habits to a minimum.

Don’t chew

Pencils, ice, and fingernails. Got something on your mind and chewing on something supports the thoughts? Chips and cracks to follow, not to mention what it might do to your gums. Grab a piece of sugarless gum and get the healthy saliva going instead.

Don’t do

Playing sports without a mouthguard. One stray ball or elbow to the face can significantly alter your mile. Get the self-fitting mouthguard molds or speak to your favorite friendly dentist to keep your teeth in the game.

Using your teeth as a corkscrew (or any other item-opening tool, for that matter.) Far too many front teeth have cracked or broken because someone used them to replace a tool they couldn’t find. Keep your bottle opener handy and protect your smile, too.

Don’t eat

Gummy candy, cough drops, and non-stop snacking. The candy and the drops deliver way too much sugar that can get stuck between teeth, so if you must munch, brush, brush, brush. If you snack, keep it to carrots and low-sugar choices.

Don’t drink

Soda, sports drinks, coffee, fruit juice, red & white wine. These sugary drinks can cause cavities and stain your teeth. When you must indulge, keep it to a minimum.

Don’t smoke

Tobacco is not a friend to your teeth. Smoking can cause teeth to stain and fall out, not to mention wreak havoc on your breath. Stay away from the cigarettes, and your family and friends will thank you.

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