December Club members of the month

Meet our December SmileDirectClub members of the month.

We love following along on our Club members’ smile journeys and seeing their newfound confidence.

2018 was our biggest year yet, and to date we’ve made more than 350,000 new smiles. We’re wrapping up the year with a few friendly grinners who went from smile hiders to smile showoffs. Check out these Club members of the month for inspiration to start the new year with SmileDirectClub. This is the year to get the smile you’ve always wanted.


“Everyone should love their smile! I’ve always been really insecure about my teeth, and braces weren’t something we could afford when I was growing up. Thank the universe for Smile Direct Club😁 much more affordable than braces and invisible 🤫”



“It may not look like a lot has changed, but what has changed is my confidence. I’ve always been self-conscious about my two front teeth, and #whatmakesmesmile is the fact that I can’t say that anymore!! #smiledirectclub



“He got me the gift of a straight smile for Christmas 😭 Here we are getting my mouth scanned at @smiledirectclub in Towson. Thank you, H.B. 💖 #smiledirectclub#smiledirectclubjourney#smiledirectclubtowson


“Round 2, comin’ up! New Year, new smile! Thanks smiledirectclub! #newyear #newsmile#smiledirectclub #smiledirectclubjourney


“Month 4, Week 2 #sdcsuccess #smiledirectclub



“Out here smiling more confidently 😁✨ I started my @smiledirectclub journey about 4 months ago, and I’m very happy with the results I’m seeing. It’s been such great investment, and the time and process has been the least of my worries. I’ve never written a review on IG for any product before and never thought I would, but this is a type of treatment and concern that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to and have contemplated on seeking. So I will put a before and after soon of my progress thus far, following the end result. A new smile can definitely feel life changing.”



“Doing my whitening with style lol 😂 gotta Smile 😃 #smiledirectclub @smiledirectclub”


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