Celebrity photographer Nigel Barker and his family have something to smile about

Celebrity fashion photographer, Nigel Barker, never thought that straightening teeth could bring his whole family closer together, until they discovered SmileDirectClub. Nigel, his wife, Cristen, and their children, Jack, 16, and Jasmine, 13, embarked on their Smile JourneysTM together.

“Nothing says happiness more than a smile. I’ve been in the business of smiles my entire career; my job has been to capture and coax them out of people,” says Nigel, who is also a TV star.

The Barkers’ quest started when their children wanted to straighten their teeth and perfect their smiles. Jack had worn braces for 4 years – a painful, expensive, and disappointing experience. Together with his sister, Jasmine, Jack discovered a better option.

“SmileDirectClub was above and beyond the clear choice,” says Cristen, a makeup artist and former model. “Everything’s virtual and it seemed so streamlined and easy, with no trips to the orthodontist. So we decided to do it as a family.”

Getting started together

The teens were excited to get their scans done at a SmileShop, where a Smile Guide walked them through the process.

“It’s so cool to see your teeth in 3D; you get to see bits of your teeth you’d never see,” says Jack.

Cristen was impressed by how attentive the entire SmileDirectClub team was.

“I felt very cared for because SmileDirectClub knows teens,” she says. “They replace the aligners if any are lost, they have cases with trackers. They knew exactly what my main concerns would be, and I felt confident in the journey we were about to take.”

Making quick progress

Once the Barkers’ treatment plans were established and they received all of their aligners, they helped each other stay on track. Everyone enjoyed checking their progress using the SmileDirectClub app, which includes tips and reminders to change aligners.

“It’s fun to see everyone’s teeth change in real time, and after the first month, I could already see the difference,” says Jack. “I’ve forgotten I’m even wearing my aligners half the time because they just blend in.”

Cristen appreciated the live chat function, and how closely the family was monitored throughout treatment.

“They know exactly what I’m doing,” she explains. “You have everything you need, and I can talk to a doctor at any time. The app kept both my teenagers more engaged.”

Jasmine loved that all her information was accessible on her smartphone. For their first virtual check-ins, the family laughed together during the impromptu photo session while wearing their Smile Stretchers. And while Jasmine’s and Cristen’s treatment plans stayed consistent, Jack and Nigel both needed aligner touch-ups. They had new scans made and received new aligners.

Motivated to take better care of their teeth

The Barkers took advantage of the smile spaTM system, which Nigel says resulted in better oral hygiene for the whole family.

“My dentist said my teeth are the cleanest they’ve been in ages because I’ve been taking care of my teeth better,” he explains.

“As a family, we’re all on this Smile Journey, and we’ve made a collective decision to invest in the health of our teeth and gums.”

Jack and Jasmine are very motivated to keep their teeth white by brushing after every meal.

But like many teens, Jack lost an aligner. He received replacements within days, says Cristen.

“SmileDirectClub’s customer service team has been amazing. The one-on-one contact I’ve had makes me feel like they’re holding our hand throughout the whole thing, which has been reassuring,” she adds.

Nigel describes the family’s SmileDirectClub experience as an epic voyage of transformation.

“We’re in this together, and that’s something to smile about,” he says.

Time to celebrate together

When the Barkers wrapped up their SmileDirectClub treatment plans, they couldn’t wait to share their grins with friends and family.

“We feel fantastic! It’s been a really great journey with SmileDirectClub, and we’ve all got beautiful smiles now,” says Nigel.

“I could see the kids’ confidence grow during the process, and as their smiles became more perfect for them, they’re just happier. You can’t put a price on confidence.”

Some of Jasmine’s friends are starting their own Smile Journeys™, and she shares cleaning and whitening tips with them.

“Now, I’m ready to just smile at everyone,” she says.

Jack reports that his bite is more comfortable now that his teeth are properly aligned.

“I’ve really enjoyed doing this Smile Journey with my family,” he says.

Set up for a lifetime of smiles

For Cristen and Nigel, this experience has not only brought everyone together but given them a new appreciation for their smiles.

“I absolutely loved that they’ve invested a lot of time and effort in getting their teeth straightened and having these fabulous smiles. It’s set them up for a lifetime of caring for their teeth,” Cristen says.

“This whole journey has been absolutely amazing,” adds Nigel. “It was easy to do and a lot of fun.”

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