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Back-to-school checklist: What to do before you leave for college

What you need to know about how to prepare for college. 

You’ve gotten into college, finished finals, graduated, attended orientation, and done all the pre-college things – or most of them, anyway. But as fall quickly approaches, don’t forget to check these important to-do’s off your back-to-school checklist.  

Whether you’re traveling across town or across the country for college, this checklist of things to do before you leave will make sure you’re all set for success.  

Get a haircut. 

Do any grooming things at your go-to places before leaving town. Get a haircut, splurge on a mani/pedi (guys, this goes for you too), get your brows done, and do any other services that are a part of your routine so you’ll be looking and feeling your best. 

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Visit the dentist. 

Squeeze in that 6-month cleaning with your dentist if you’re due for a checkup so you don’t have to worry about it later. Your smile will be working overtime in the next few weeks – make sure it’s ready! 🙂 Schedule your next appointment while you’re at it before your big, bad college schedule fills up. 

Complete any doctor’s visits. 

If your school requires any vaccines, be sure to get those done. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get your annual physical and check that any prescriptions are up-to-date and transferred to your new local pharmacy.  

Go shopping for your dorm room. 

Stock up on any last-minute essentials for your dorm room or apartment. (Don’t forget these must-haves from our handy college packing list. 

back to school checklist


Throw yourself a going-away party. 

Invite over your closest friends and fam for an epic sendoff. Grab a few snacks, pump some music, and hit the backyard patio (or local park) for one last hurrah. 

Grab lunch at your favorite spot.  

Come October, you’ll be missing your hometown favorites, so squeeze in lunch at your regular restaurant, coffee shop, boutique, or any of your other sure-to-be-missed favorites one last time. 

back to school checklist


Do that thing you’ve been wanting to do. 

Everyone’s got that thing in their hometown (or nearby) that they’ve been wanting to do or have always talked about doing but have never actually done. Do it! There’s no better time than the present, grinner. 

Read a book.  

Soak up the last few weeks of doing absolutely nothing before your days are filled with classes, mixers, dorm hangs, and late-night study sessions. Reading for anything besides class will soon be a luxury. Take advantage of these last days of freedom. (Need a suggestion? Check out these books to read.) 


Get a 3D scan. 

While you’re knocking out all those last-minute appointments, visit one of our SmileShops for a free 3D scan. The scan takes less than 30 minutes, and you could have a smile you love by spring break. The sophomore slump ain’t got nothin’ on you.  

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