At-home teeth straightening system becomes top seller for Sharper Image in less than one year

Affordable SmileDirectClub invisible aligner treatment resonates with catalog’s customers in a new market sector.

Cutting-edge cataloger and web retailer Sharper Image continues to build upon its reputation of being first to market with one-of-a-kind products customers love. Joining a roster of air purifiers, massage chairs and wireless speakers is the introduction of SmileDirectClub, a direct-to-consumer, at-home teeth straightening system that uses invisible aligners.

Since mid-2014, Sharper Image has been successfully selling the SmileDirectClub $49 impression kit, which has earned a place in the iconic catalog. Sharper Image Director of Marketing Sam Grossman says, “We agreed to test SmileDirectClub on our website because it’s a dropship item with healthy margins. We’re always cautiously optimistic when we introduce first-to-market items, but the results have been phenomenal. We then tried SmileDirectClub in the catalog, and it’s more than earned a permanent place in the catalog going forward. We are excited to be offering a completely new product to the market that resonates with our customers and complements the Sharper Image brand.”

How SmileDirectClub works

The customer uses the impression kit to take impressions of his or her teeth. These impressions are then used to create custom smile plan and invisible aligners that straighten teeth. SmileDirectClub matches up customers with its nationwide network of licensed dentists and orthodontists to remotely prescribe and oversee treatment. The company is able to save the consumer up to 60% by offering virtual treatment and cutting out in-office visits.

SmileDirectClub members can also get started with a 3D scan in a SmileShop, if they’d rather have assistance with their impressions. There are over 50 SmileShops across the U.S.

About SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub was founded in 2013 to provide everyone with an affordable and convenient way to achieve a smile they love. Orthodontic dental partnerships were established with some of the largest and most respected labs in the country. The orthodontic labs have decades of experience in creating orthodontic appliances, having treated thousands of customers with their invisible aligner systems. SmileDirectClub is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Teledentistry Association.

About Sharper Image offers consumers an engaging way to find the latest home electronics and other lifestyle products. SharperImage continues the tradition of fun, innovation, and excitement that originated in 1977.

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