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Ask a dentist: Can I wear aligners if I grind or clench my teeth?

Will teeth grinding or clenching my teeth interfere with aligners?

We’re answering this commonly asked question to help you determine if SmileDirectClub aligners are right for you. Can I wear aligners if I grind or clench my teeth? We went straight to the expert, our Lead Dentist Jeffrey Suiltizer, DMD, to get the answer.

Teeth grinding or clenching can be caused by stress or anxiety, but can also run in the family. (Thanks, Mom and Dad.) It can damage your teeth, jaw, or any crowns and cause headaches or pain.

If you grind or clench your teeth, you can still straighten your smile with SmileDirectClub; however, we recommend checking with your local doctor first. (You cannot use aligners if you are required to wear any other appliances for clenching or grinding, such as a night guard or splint, since aligners must be worn all day and night except when eating or drinking.)

Aligners may even help with mild grinding by acting as a protective barrier for your teeth. Aligners may wear down quicker as a result of clenching and grinding, but you will only wear each set of aligners for 1–2 weeks during treatment.

After treatment, we recommend replacing your SmileDirectClub retainers every 6 months to preserve your new grin, but you can order custom retainers made just for you as often as needed if you find that they’re wearing down sooner.

Our dental team does caution that wearing aligners may cause you to want to clench more, so check with your local doctor before beginning treatment.

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