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Announcing: Impression Kit Improvements!

We’ve been listening to you, and we’re excited to announce two improvements to our impression kit to make your impression taking so much easier.

Upper or Lower Impressions

That’s right: You read “or.” Previously, if your completed impressions weren’t approved, we asked you to retake both the upper and lower arches. Now, we’re making things so much simpler! We’ll tell you the exact problem area so you can perfect your impressions the second time around. Plus, if the issues are only affecting your upper or your lower impressions, you’ll only need to retake one arch, not both!

More Photos of Your Smile

After you’ve taken your impressions, we’re asking you to upload photos of your grin from five different angles: upper teeth, lower teeth, closed front, closed right side and closed left side. Until now, we’ve only asked for three angles, but upping it to five will allow us to see so much more of your smile and create the customized smile plan that’s ideal for you.

These changes may seem small, but they’ll make a big difference when it comes to starting the process toward getting the smile you’ll love.

Kick-start your smile journey with an impression kit of your own. Order now!

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