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8 tips for wearing your aligners when you head back to school

Back-to-school hacks to help you ace the semester with SmileDirectClub aligners.

Whether you’re heading off to college for the first time or back to the hallowed halls of high school once again, wearing aligners at school is easy. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy late-night trips to the neighborhood diner, date parties with your campus crush, or weekends on the road with your sports team. These 8 easy tips will keep you grinning from ear to ear.

1. Be ready to avoid potentially awkward situations.

At some point in time the professor will bring in coffee and donuts, or the teacher will order pizza for class, someone will bring in an allergy-friendly treat to share, etc. No worries; you can eat whatever you want wearing aligners. This is your time to sneak off to the bathroom with your case to discreetly remove your aligners, or save a treat to take home with you for later. Don’t forget to stop by the bathroom again after class for a quick brush and to pop your aligners back in.



2. Get a quality bag for your essentials.

Invest in a cosmetics case or small bag that you can stash in your backpack. Having a bag with you makes it quick and easy to clean your mouth and aligners after meals, drinks, and snacks.

3. Chew on Movemints.

Going to a dance or date party? You can chew on these dental mints while wearing your aligners. They’ll keep your breath fresh and clean, helping you feel confident all night long. Plus, they help give your aligners a tighter and more comfortable fit. You can stay stocked up on mints by ordering directly through our website.

wearing aligners at school


 4. Only drink (cool) water with your aligners in.

This could be a tricky one for coffee connoisseurs – even worse if you depend on a strong cup of joe to get you through your work day. Rather than sipping on your cold foam cappuccino slowly all morning, we suggest drinking it with breakfast and then cleaning your teeth immediately after. (And stick to 1 or 2 games of flip cup on the weekend – if you’re over 21, of course.)

drinking water


5. Use mild dish soap to clean ‘em.

Aligners are easy to clean, too. A mild dish soap or a mixture of water and baking soda does the trick. Pop your aligners in the cleaning solution or into your smile spa™ while you get ready in the morning.

6. Schedule regular dental visits every 6 months.

Our aligners are completely doctor-directed. Every SmileDirectClub customer is assigned a state licensed dentist or orthodontist who remotely monitors their progress. We’ll schedule virtual check-ins with your doctor to monitor your progress. It’s also important to continue seeing your local dentist every 6 months for regular cleanings. Schedule those visits now so you don’t forget to go when you’re back home over breaks.

7. Munch on healthy snacks.

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional Cheetos and Oreos – sans aligners – but if you want to boost your oral health (and avoid the freshman 15), pick the right snacks. The calcium in almonds can help strengthen your teeth, while the malic acid in strawberries can help whiten your teeth’s enamel and may even protect against oral cancer.


8. Bring your aligner case with you everywhere.

Do not, we repeat do not, wrap your aligners in a napkin while eating in the dining hall. The napkin will inevitably end up in the garbage, along with your cherished aligners. Your SmileDirectClub blurple aligner case will be your new best friend.

In just 4-6 months, a straighter, brighter smiles could be yours. Get a smile you’ll love by spring break. Click the link below to start your smile journey.

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