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8 reasons why you should buy SmileDirectClub clear aligners online

Not long ago, the only way to straighten your teeth was through a series of in-office dental visits. If you chose braces, you had to deal with the painful tightening of wires and brackets every few weeks. If you chose clear aligners (also known as clear braces), you paid US$5,000 on average and had to constantly schedule visits to check in with your orthodontist.

What if there was a safe, professional way to straighten your teeth more affordably and conveniently? Keep reading to find out the top 8 reasons why you should buy your clear aligners online.

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1. Save up to 60% on clear aligners.

How can anyone cut the cost of clear aligners by so much? What’s the secret? When you buy online, you eliminate the need for in-office visits, which means more savings for you, the customer. With SmileDirectClub, you can get them for up to 60% less than other teeth straightening treatments. You can also choose a down payment and monthly payments. No credit checks. No forms to fill out. Freeing up your schedule also benefits your wallet!

2. Realign your smile privately and conveniently.

There’s a reason more than a million people have chosen clear aligners to straighten their teeth. The privacy of clear braces means no one has to know you’re making a change until your transformation is complete. When you buy your aligners online, you take that a step further, making straightening your smile more convenient than ever because you do it all from home.

3. Receive quality care without the chair.

SmileDirectClub works with a network of more than 225 duly licensed dentists and orthodontists across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Thanks to our technology, these doctors have the ability to customize and oversee treatment remotely, which means you’ll get professional quality care throughout treatment without the time or cost of monthly visits.

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4. See how your teeth will look before you pay.

With SmileDirectClub, you’ll know what your smile will look like before you even begin. Once your impression kit or 3D scan is received, our licensed dental professionals build a full 3D smile plan showing how your teeth will move with each set of aligners.

5. Get free teeth whitening.

That’s right. We include complimentary professional-grade teeth-whitening gel with your new aligner shipment. So when you buy online through SmileDirectClub, you straighten and whiten your smile for less than the cost to straighten it alone in-office.

6. Talk to real patients who have completed treatment.

This is your smile we’re talking about. You want to know treatment will be effective, and who better to hear it from than people who have successfully purchased their aligners online? Connect with our community on Facebook today to talk to others who have completed treatment!

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7. Reliable customer care online or on the phone.

As the leader in direct-to-customer invisible aligners, SmileDirectClub has a fully trained customer care team, available 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, to chat online, by phone, or via email for all of your questions before, after and during treatment. We can also connect you with a member of our dental care team.

8. Money-back guarantee means no risk for you

Our aligners are a good fit for many, but if it’s determined they’re not right for you, the cost of your impression kit or SmileShop scan is fully refundable. If you’re in the middle of your smile plan and aren’t happy with your progress, you can return unopened, unused aligners to us, and we’ll refund the prorated amount from your total purchase price. That’s the SmileDirectClub Confident Smile Guarantee.

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