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7 reasons why you should give yourself the gift of a smile

Don’t leave yourself off your holiday shopping list. Treat yourself to the gift of a smile this year.

This year, give yourself a gift that will last long after the lights have been taken down: the gift of a smile and a lifetime of confidence.

Here are 7 reasons why you should gift yourself a new smile this year. (Or put it on your wish list so your loved ones can help you get started with our Gift of a Smile gift cards.)

1. It’s always a good time to invest in yourself.

While the holidays are all about giving to others, it’s important to make sure you do something for yourself, too. Whether it’s skipping that holiday party you didn’t really want to go to anyway, staying in to watch your favorite movie, doing a face mask, making a healthy home-cooked meal, or doing an impression kit or getting a 3D scan to start your smile journey, a little self-care will go a long way.

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2. And to invest in your health.

A straighter smile is also easier to clean, which means healthier teeth and gums, improved speech, and improved overall health. There’s no better gift you can give to yourself than the gift of heath (and the added confidence boost doesn’t hurt, either).

3. It could help you succeed at work.

Research shows that people with straight teeth are viewed as smarter and more successful (perfect for nailing your dream job interview next year).

4. Invisible aligners are easier and more affordable than braces.

Not sure about SmileDirectClub or invisible aligners to straighten your teeth? Let us ease your mind by breaking down the 9 reasons you haven’t bought from us yet.

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5. You can afford it.

If you’re thinking you can’t afford a new smile around the holidays, here are 4 ways to help you afford a straighter smile right now. On top of all that, SmileDirectClub is 60% less than other teeth straightening options. You could have a straighter smile in just 6 months with invisible aligners delivered directly to you. That’s something to smile about. (Psst. Don’t let your FSA funds expire. You can use them to purchase SmileDirectClub invisible aligners. Or use your tax refund to cover the cost.)

6. Or we can help.

Still not convinced now’s the right time to invest in yourself? We’ll do you one better and gift them to you. That’s right. We’re giving 12 deserving people the Gift of Grin this holiday season. Just share your story with us and you’ll be entered to win free SmileDirectClub invisible aligners. And you’ll score $200 off your invisible aligner purchase just for entering, so everyone’s a winner.

7. You deserve a lifetime supply of confidence.

You can’t wrap confidence, but it’s the best gift you can give to yourself this year. Everyone deserves a smile they’ll love, and you’ll be showing off your new pearly whites in time for summer. This is the gift that keeps on grinning. See what we did there?

What are you waiting for? Get started on your straighter smile today. To you, from you. Happy holidays.

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