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5 ways to make clear aligners more comfortable

If you’re experiencing discomfort after putting in your new clear aligners, don’t worry. It’s a natural first step in your journey to unlocking the power of your smile.

“You’ve got something new and unusual in your mouth, so naturally, you play with the aligners which can create more discomfort,” says Chelsey McCarver, a dental team captain at SmileDirectClub. “But after a few days you will get used to them and it’s second nature to you.”

Think of it like going to the gym for the first time: You’ll be sore, but it won’t last long, and it’s for a good reason. During the adjustment period with your teeth, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to ease any discomfort you may be feeling.

Here are a few easy tips for making your clear aligners more comfortable.

1. Put in your new teeth aligners at night.

“Switching your aligners at night can be extremely beneficial and help ease the initial discomfort of moving into a new aligner” McCarver says.

Your mouth will have all night to adjust to your new aligners while you sleep, and any pain you might feel may be gone by the time you wake up.

2. Use your Movemints.

Included in your aligners box, Movemints are mints designed to help your aligners sit better.

They help seat your clear aligners and make them more comfortable in your mouth, especially if you’re having trouble getting the aligners to snap in all the way or if there’s a little extra space between your teeth and the aligners.

Put them in your mouth and chew on them several times a day until your clear aligners fit better. They’ll also provide an extra minty flavor while seating your aligners.

3. Use an emery board, if needed.

All aligners are trimmed and buffed prior to being shipped, but some areas may cause more discomfort than others. If you need to do any fine-tuning on the shape of your aligners, the emery board in your aligner box will be your friend. You can use it to lightly file down any sharp or rough edges on your aligners. If there’s any excess material on your clear aligners, just use small scissors to cut it off, and then use an emery board to file the new edge.

Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t be filing too much. Clear aligners are meant to cover some of your gums, allowing us to get optimal turning force to straighten your teeth.

4. Use dental wax to cushion sore areas.

McCarver says using dental wax is “provides a soft, smooth barrier between your tissue and aligner that will help with discomfort as well.”

Put a small wad of the wax between your aligners and your teeth in any areas that feel particularly sore. The wax will help cushion your teeth as you get used to your aligners. We recommend applying the wax to dry aligners to ensure that it stays in place.

5. Eat cold, soothing foods.

raspberry popsicle

Cold popsicles, smoothies and frozen fruit are all delicious snacks, but their cool temperatures can also help to soothe a sore mouth. Give it a try — but don’t forget that you have to remove your clear aligners before eating or drinking anything other than cool water.

If you want some prolonged cooling relief but don’t feel like eating anything, applying an ice pack to the outside of your mouth can have a similar effect.

You may also consider taking an over the counter pain killer for two to three days to help ease any pain.

Bonus tip: Hang in there.

Whatever you do, keep wearing your clear aligners. If you stop for a day or two, it’ll become harder to put them back in, which could make the discomfort last longer than it would otherwise.

If you’ve tried a few remedies and you’re still feeling discomfort, or if you’re experiencing significant pain, call our Customer Care team right away. They can provide additional tips specific to your treatment plan to make your teeth aligners easier to wear.

“Clear aligners help give people the smile they always wanted without the pain and annoyance of regular braces,” McCarver says. “Plus, without all the hassle of regular visits, we’re able to provide an easier, more affordable, convenient way for people to achieve the smile they always wanted.”

And don’t forget that despite some temporary discomfort, the outcome of your smile journey will be worth it.

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