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5 tricks for drinking wine and protecting white teeth

Teeth whitening tips for drinking wine and keeping your smile bright.

Don’t let red wine dim your smile. Here are a few ways you can raise a glass without having to worry about the health and discoloration of your tooth enamel (you know: the white part). Cheers.

1. Drink white, not red.

This is the most obvious tip. If red wine stains your dark clothes, it can definitely stain your white teeth. Instead of a glass of Pinot Noir, opt for a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. There are tons of different options from which you can choose, and you’ll be able to enjoy your vino without worrying about teeth discoloration.

2. Brush after each glass – and before.

Wine actually clings to plaque, not your teeth. Brushing plaque away decreases the chance of damage from the acid and sugars that contribute to a wine-stained smile.

3. Sip on sparkling water.

Sipping on sparkling water between glasses of wine will help scrub away any temporary stains that have the potential to become permanent ones. This is because of the bubbles in the water that help break up the stains. The water prevents not only discoloration but also dehydration. Read: hangovers.

4. Eat cheese.

Cheese and wine? Groundbreaking. But there’s a reason why cheese and wine make a dynamic duo. Because our mouths are naturally acidic, we need to eat something basic (with a higher pH value) before drinking acidic fruit juice – fermented or not. Enter cheese. The basic pH value of cheese is thought to protect your teeth for up to 30 minutes while you sip on wine. It’s a match made in heaven.

5. Use teeth whitening gel.

Even when you’re not drinking wine, teeth whitening gel is a beauty routine staple. Use our bright on™ premium teeth whitening for just 1 week and the results last up to 6 months. Keeping up on your teeth whitening routine is a good way to stay ahead of those wine (and coffee and soda) stains.

Get bright on today to keep your smile nice and bright. That’s something to cheers to.

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