things you didn't know your iphone could do

5 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

Your smartphone is a lot smarter than you even knew. These are 5 new ways to use your iPhone that you might not have thought of.

It’s hard not to spend way too much time on your smartphone. It’s how you keep in touch, keep track of stuff, keep lists, keep photos, and so much more.

Did you know your iPhone can even help straighten and brighten your smile? These are just a few of the grin-changing things you can do on your smartphone.

1. Help straighten your smile.

Your aligners are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to straightening your teeth, but your phone is an important part of the process, too. With the SmileDirectClub app, virtual check-ins and support are at your finger tips. You can make sure your smile is moving according to schedule and connect you with your doctor. Those selfies and check-ins on your phone are a crucial step in getting a straighter smile.

2. Group video chat.

You can do all family hangouts virtually via group FaceTime. All you have to do is start your FaceTime app and tap the “+” in the top right corner and add all the contacts you would like to call.

3. Help whiten your teeth.

Our bright on™ premium teeth whitening is the one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to professionally whiten your smile at home. The LED accelerator light plugs right into your phone to speed up the whitening process so your smile can reach its brightest bright even faster. After applying the bright on gel, plug the light into your phone using the appropriate attachment and insert the light into your mouth. Use as directed, and you’ll start seeing results right away. (Our LED accelerator light is Android compatible, too.)

whiten your teeth with your smartphone

4. Limit app usage.

Staying up late at night scrolling endlessly? You can set a time limit for certain apps. Head to your settings and find “Screen Time”, and tap “App Limits”. From here you can select time limits and which apps you want to cut back on.

5. Keep track of your aligners.

Never worry about losing your aligners or retainers again. Made in partnership with Tile™, the leader in trackable technology, our new Bluetooth-enabled storage case comes with a location-tracking chip built right in. You track your case via the Tile app, and you can even make it ring to help you find it faster.

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