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5 Inspirational Women Making Others Smile

In case you didn’t know, the future is smiling. Women today have more opportunity to impact the world than ever before, and there are many who waste no time in leaving a mark of positivity. In honor of International Women’s Day 2017, we’ve compiled a powerful list of 5 female movers and shakers of our time. You might recognize them not only by their causes, but also by the smiles they encourage in others.

Gabby Douglas on Athleticism

Douglas made history in 2012 as the first woman of color to win Individual All-Around Gymnastics Champion in the Olympics. At the same time, she won Team and All-Around Gold for America in the same Olympics, and she is the only female gymnast in history to do it. This powerhouse was only 20 years old when she trail blazed this path to the Olympics for a younger generation of girls. Renowned for her positivity, Douglas has all eyes on her now. We can’t wait to watch this bright star shine even brighter.

Take a look at her winning smile here.

Antonietta Ledezma on Human Rights

We first heard about Ledezma last year in Geneva, Switzerland, where the 24-year old human rights activist accepted the 2016 Morris B. Abram Human Right Award on behalf of her father, the mayor of Caracas, Venezuela, and now a political prisoner. During her speech, she notes the fear and desperation she felt during the moment of his unjust imprisonment, and then: “Not everyone has the privilege that I have to say that I have a father who gave up his freedom so tomorrow I can have a free country.” Antonietta’s personal and political commitment to freedom, along with her courage, inspires us, and we hope she encourages you to remember where you come from, how it shapes you, and how you can use your current circumstances to shape the lives of others.

Learn more about Ledezma’s cause here.

Emma Watson on Gender Equality

Well-known for her career in Hollywood, and currently rocking it on the big screen as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson is a fierce fighter for gender equality. She grabbed the world’s attention after giving that instantly viral speech on gender rights at the United Nations in 2014. In 2017, she’s still going strong by bringing awareness to the various causes of feminism. We share her belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to smile, male or female.

Check out Watson’s HeForShe campaign here.

Avani Singh on Female Empowerment

Singh is a teen entrepreneur changing the way her native country of India does business. Culturally and politically, in the home and in the work space, men are the business leaders of India. Yet, Singh noticed something others did not and, in turn, made a business out of India’s most traditional mode of transportation. In founding Ummeed, a program that trains women from the slums of Delhi to become taxi and rickshaw drivers, Singh is taking a grassroots approach to employing and empowering some of the world’s most vulnerable women. Furthermore, she’s investing in a future that’s environmentally friendly for the country of India. Smiles for everyone, men included.

Hear more about what Singh has to say regarding making a difference here.

Sejal Hathi on Economic Empowerment

Last but not least, there’s Sejal Hathi. Hathi first founded the non-profit Girls Helping Girls at the young age of 15 before founding the social enterprise Girltank 4 years later, at the age of 19. Since she was a preteen, Hathi has dedicated herself to the social and economic circumstances of young women around the world. Her organizations have found great success in investing in other women like herself, female social entrepreneurs and innovators who dream of changing the world – and will.

Join Hathi’s movement here.

Are there powerful women in your life who inspire your smile journey daily? Happiness is a worthy cause, and we want to fight for it on every level! Hug a special woman who makes a difference in your life, and thank her for being such a positive influence.

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