13-year-old Ashlyn shares her SmileDirectClub success story

While her twin sister wore braces, Ashlyn got a smile she loves with aligners. 

Keesha was looking for fun ideas on Pinterest one day when she came across SmileDirectClub. She was instantly intrigued. 

The mom of 3 girls took her then-12-year-old twin daughters for a consultation at their local orthodontist. Ashlyn had some front crowding, which would require a short treatment plan. She didn’t have any bite issues, and she wouldn’t need to wear rubber bands with braces. Yet her treatment plan was going to cost just as much as her twin sister’s 2-year stint with braces: US$6,180. 

Keesha remembered that SmileDirectClub is completely doctor-directed and up to 60% less than traditional braces (yes, 60%), so after that orthodontist appointment, she decided to take Ashlyn to a SmileShop instead. 

Ashlyn completed her smile plan last November, and today she’s proud to show off her beautiful new grin. We chatted with Ashlyn and her mom to get the scoop on her SmileDirectClub experience.

Thanks for sharing your SmileDirectClub review with us! Keesha, how did you choose SmileDirectClub for Ashlyn but braces for her twin sister? 

Keesha, mom: I sought quotes for traditional braces and aligners at an orthodontist’s office for both of my daughters. Addison needed more extensive treatment, and traditional braces were a better plan for her. She needed bite correction and would have to wear rubber bands.   

Ashlyn had a simpler plan, requiring a shorter treatment time, yet was quoted the same price for treatment as her sister. After her appointment I called SmileDirectClub and scheduled a free in-person visit at the Chicago SmileShop. It was an almost 3-hour drive, but if she was a candidate for SDC, it would definitely be worth the day trip to save money. Within 24 hours we had her projected smile plan! We were thrilled – it matched what we were shown during our visit to our local orthodontist office!   

Ashlyn, daughter: My mom took me to a SmileShop. The shop was really cool, and the woman who scanned my teeth was great about explaining what she was doing. I got to watch the 3D rendering of my teeth on the screen. I left with some cool free SDC stuff, too! 

Walk us through what your experience was like.  

Ashlyn: I didn’t feel or look different while wearing my aligners. The first few hours after putting in a new set of aligners, my teeth were a little sore, but after that I practically forgot I was even wearing them. 

No one even knew I had the aligners in! Only those who saw me taking them out knew I was wearing them.   

Keesha: Ashlyn was told what would be expected of her and that the results were dependent on her following the plan and wearing the aligners as required. She totally complied with her plan.  

I think getting a 3D image of your teeth is a great option. Every set of Ashlyn’s aligners snapped into place with no need for dental wax and no cut-up gums. I’m pretty sure no one ever noticed her wearing the aligners either. They fit so well, and she never had issues with speaking. She was great about brushing after lunch at school and carried disposable toothbrushes with her in case she needed one when we were out. Ashlyn has been in her retainers for a few months now, and she has a beautiful smile! Seeing her smile full of confidence is all I as a parent can ask for.  

Ashlyn, what was it like wearing clear aligners while your twin sister wore braces?  

Ashlyn: Haha! Every 4 to 6 weeks, she goes in to have her braces adjusted, while I would just pop in a new set of aligners every 2 weeks. I started my 7-month smile plan after her and have completed my treatment. She doesn’t even know when she’ll get hers off.   

Did wearing your aligners affect your daily activities at all?  

Ashlyn: No! I play volleyball and sing in choir at school. Wearing my aligners didn’t interfere with my activities at all. Even wearing them while giving presentations in class didn’t cause any issues.   

Keesha, as a mom, would you recommend SmileDirectClub to other parents and teens?   

Keesha: Absolutely! If parents find their child is a candidate for SDC, it is a great, affordable option to traditional braces. As parents, any way we can make our money stretch farther is great!  

What was the best part about using SmileDirectClub?   

Ashlyn: It was a quick and simple process. I didn’t have to worry about cutting up my mouth with metal or missing school for orthodontist appointments.   

How do you feel now that you’ve completed your smile plan?   

Ashlyn: It went really fast! I love my new smile, and I am really happy with the results.  

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