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10 Tips for Work Life Balance | Learning to Smile Again

Work-life balance will help you achieve better overall health and greater happiness. The demand for better balance between office and home is changing the status quo in the workplace. So grab a pencil (okay, an iPad), take notes, and learn how to avoid burnout.

1. Get to know yourself 

The first, most important step? Take some quiet time, alone in a room, and ask yourself what really matters. If someone dumped a few million on you tomorrow, what would you do? Write it down … you are going to use that soon. Love making music, hitting it out of the park, playing with the kids, or catching up with missed movies on Netflix? Don’t judge the answers or worry about what other people will think — you are alone and your opinion is the only one that matters. Admit what makes you grin from deep inside to the smile you share.

2. Turn off, tune out, let go

Take a look at the list you just made and think about how many hours each day or the best day for leaving the work world behind would be. Scary, but one step at a time. You are in control. During this allotted time you will stop checking your work emails and no texting during the 5th grade softball playoffs (that phone is for sending photos to the grandparents). Turn the cell off during dates or family dinners and look people in the eye. Plan friends and family time — put it on the calendar. No cancelling permitted.

3. Delegate the small stuff

Earning a living, moving up at work, proud of the job you have done? Have you applied those juggling skills to the list on the fridge? Marketing, mopping, mowing or haircut. Reach out to share some chores and errands. If the budget allows, hire some help. If not speak to family and friends and share the load. Let go of the items that can wait or be deleted. Stop trying to do it all. How much time are you spending on social media? Give someone the chance to learn and feel proud at work or at home. When you look back years from now, time with loved ones, partnering with co-workers and doing what you loved will be the good memories.

4. Let go of the negatives

Be honest. Are there still people or groups you see regularly that make you irate or at very least, yawn? Politely back off and move on to attract the uplifting, positive people and group pastimes. Take time to volunteer regularly for a cause you believe in. Happiness is contagious.

5. Mind-body balance

Everyone is different. There is no right or wrong about finding the best path to spiritual and physical health, but balance is key. Jogging, spinning class, yoga or meditation immediately reduce stress physically and mentally. Choose the one that makes you feel best, fits your location and is easy to access. Give yourself the gift of just a half-hour or hour a few days a week. Breathe. It will change your perspective and let you see things from a calmer place.

6. Have the talk at the office

The good news is that businesses across the spectrum are responding to young workers’ preferences in order to retain top talent. Technology has made work flexibility a reality, so working from home, stopping to pick up the kids or go to a daytime appointment are commonplace. Many employers have responded with free snacks and meals, and bonding activities to forge better relationships for colleagues. Comfortable corporate culture is now on the job-search list. When you’ve identified your priorities and made time for the good things, sit down and talk to the boss or employees about your new schedule. Start slowly and show that the work will get done even better.

7. Take a look at more than the company profits

Does your prospective employer or profession allow for paternal or maternal leave? Do they contribute to continuing education or gym membership? On those days when you have to, is there a playground for the child or the furry friend. Trust us, these trends are growing to meet the demand. Research shows that companies who do this retain talent and last longer.

8. Laugh at yourself, mistakes are just fine

Watch how you talk to yourself. Do you criticize every error in a way that you would never talk to your child or best friend? Being perfect is overrated. You will actually achieve more if you forgive and move forward. Be patient—allow yourself to learn.

9. Relax

Do nothing and smile about it. Take a quiet walk with the dog. Read a book that is pure pleasure. Dance to your favorite music and just be silly in your own way every day. What bird is that singing outside the window?

10. Give yourself the gift of good health

Show up for regular check-ups and be proactive about your body – inside and out. Of course, we know and science has shown, that people are drawn to folks with a beautiful smile and think they are attractive, confident and better to be with—at home and at work. You can start this journey with a straighter new smile. Smile Care Club invisible aligners are half the cost of braces and other aligners, done at-home (so no office visits to challenge your new schedule), with oversight from a dental professional throughout the easy treatment steps. Breathe, enjoy…let the balance begin. Plan your straighter, brighter smile – take your free smile assessment online today.

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